I Don’t Like the People, I Don’t: Helen Kesete

News Video

By TesfaNews,

Today an online friend invited me to watch the above video clip made by one of the handful self proclaimed Eritrean activist/opposition from Sweden by the name of Helen Kesete.

Guys, I can’t tell how much it sucks to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. 

She must have been stupid enough to say stuff like that on the record. How come one claims s/he stands for the people and at the same token DO NOT like that same people?

This is what she have said on the video:

This is my first time after seven years in Asmara and .. I mean .. this  is my country .. I have to like it but I don’t like the people, I don’t !!!

Is it because they don’t like us that they always endorse sanctions and invasion upon us? Who are these people?  The insane Helen Kesete is undoubtedly a living example of our diaspora opportunists that used to shed their crocodile tears in our names.