I Saw Zenawi in Paradise, Jesus by his Side: Pastor Semaiat Woldeslassie

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Hailemariam Desalegn's bizarre Sunday mass at the State Palace was cancelled as pagan TPLF warlords finds irritating.
Hailemariam Desalegn’s bizarre Sunday mass at the State Palace was cancelled as pagan TPLF warlords finds it irritating.

By Getahune Bekele,

Due to security concerns and the sectarian nature of Wollayta Pastors, the TPLF has officially stopped the Sunday mass weekly held at the grand Menelik Palace and those arrived today (3rd Feb), including old as a hill self-made historian Dr. Lapeso Gedelebo are all turned away by federal police.

The ruling minority junta instead appointed Tigray republic’s protestant high priest, Daniel Gebresilssie to conduct the service for one hour with no outsiders allowed in except the immediate family members of PM Hailemariam Desalegn, sources told the Horn Times from Addis Ababa. 

Since he moved to the official residence of the prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn who claims to be an immaculate protestant Christian has been holding  noisy and chaotic Sunday masses at the palace much to the irritation of his pagan masters, the TPLF warlords.

The deacons and deaconesses, the Netherlands ordained pastors-cum theologians and their prophetess wives from the emerging Wollyta bourgeoisie have been congregating every Sunday at the conspicuous palace, occupying it from Saturday night until the wee hours of Monday, some driving all the way from the rural town of Wollayta – Sodo, the birth place of  PM Hailemariam.

Paradise my foot. Artistic impression of what I awaits the Late PM Zenawi
Paradise my foot. Artistic impression of what awaits the Late dictator PM Zenawi

Nervously tolerated by Tigre palace guards and federal police commando units, the Wollyta crowd usually stays through the night reluctant to leave even after the 3 pm scrumptious luncheon served by the first lady Roman Tesfaye, making the palace unavailable for state business.

According to our sources, the warning issued by palace authorities to the priestly Wollyta coterie to limit numbers of worshipers never been heeded but it was the attitude of the pastors that led to the total cancellation of the gathering.

On the pulpit decorated with TPLF flag and pictures of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, spurred on by the old curmudgeon Sibehat Nega’s anti-Amhara, anti Islam and anti Orthodox Church rhetoric, preacher after preacher prophesies the demise of Ethiopiawinet under the   “heavenly” rule of the puppet premier Hailemariam Desalegn.

Although such teachings were pleasing to the Tigre junta, Pastor Semaiat Toma Woldeselassie’s January 26 2013, vision of seeing the late Meles Zenawi walking in paradise with Jesus by his side was the most embarrassing appeasement which made the warlords blushed in shame while the first lady and the premier broke into song with the crowd shouting “ hallelujah.”

With all respect to protestant churches of Ethiopia, this one is of sectarian nature and their god is the dead colonizer Meles Zenawi. They are here to please their Tigray bosses and swear loyalty to the oppressive minority rule. They say unprintable things about other churches and religions in the name of prophesy.” Our source who requested anonymity said.

Nicknamed Judas of Wollyta by his own people, the prime minister has time and again showed that he is a man of very low intellect just like his murderous predecessor Meles Zenawi.

Reports are that Hailemariam is shattered by the decision to cancel the mass and from now, every Sunday, he has to spend an hour listening to the tiresome pedagogue Pastor Daniel as the warlords slowly taking control of all aspects of his life by isolating him from the people.

It isn’t moral for a sitting prime minister to associate himself with a certain occult  powers and applaud them for hurling cheap insults on other churches and religions. Ethiopia is a secular state.” Our source added.