Independence and Martyrs Days: Sacred and Historical


Our Back-to-Back months of Celebration and Commemoration

By TesfaNews,

For all peoples, nations, and countries, Independence and Martyrs (Memorial) Days are historical, unique, important, and sacred days. They are devoid of any political, religious, or ethnic affiliation. They are not and can not be designated to any group or government. They are fully owned by the people. Democracy or not democracy, hot or cold, rain or sunshine, and regardless of who is in power or what kind of political system the government of the day follows, Independence and Martyrs’ Days will be celebrated and remembered every year for eternity.

On these two historical and sacred days, a patriotic citizen would not contemplate any negative act or behavior like protests, vandalism, or sabotage. Such destructive acts that contradict the spirits of celebration and remembrance can only be carried out by enemies of the nation or their paid agents.

For example in America, in spite of the current economic hardships the people are going through, on the 4th of July and Memorial Day, no patriotic American would contemplate negative comments and to use these days for his/her political agenda, let alone to carry out protest rallies. You would not hear him/her calling for a boycott of the events. Nobody would see or hear a single soul (including the group that calls itself ‘We are the 99%’) distributing pamphlets that call for a demonstration on the economic and political situations of the Union.

In the same manner that July 4th and Memorial Day are sacred and historical days to the American People, May 24 and June 20 are sacred and historical days to the People of Eritrea. They are ingrained in the hearts and minds of every patriot Eritrean. They should not be trampled, diluted, or denigrated in any form or shape by anybody, Eritrean or non-Eritrean. Make no mistake; an attack on May 24th and June 20th is an attack on the Eritrean People and their history.

The People of Eritrea deserve and must be left alone to celebrate May 24th, their Independence Day, with all the fanfare and jubilation. They must also be left in peace on June 20th to remember their fallen heroes with a candle-lighting somber ceremony.

Independence Day is a day of joy, celebration, and happiness when messages of congratulation are communicated. Period. 

Martyrs’ Day is a day of remembrance and renewal of oath to maintain the independence and sovereignty of the nation. Again Period.