Ethiopian Woman Held for Smuggling 3Kg of Gold to India

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It’s the second time the woman was arrested at the Airport while smuggling.

smuggling gold
An Ethiopian woman has been arrested by Indian customs officials for the “second time” while trying to smuggle 3.1 Kg of gold into the country from Addis Ababa.

By The Times of India,

Customs officials at Indira Gandhi International Airport arrested an Ethiopian woman for allegedly trying to smuggle into the country over 3 kg of gold worth Rs 1.9 million (equals US $132,000), along with $10,000 in cash, on Wednesday. They also seized demonetised currency notes of Rs 1,000 amounting to Rs 60,000 from her.

Senior customs officials said that the woman, who arrived from Addis Ababa, was arrested at IGI Airport for the second time. Two months ago, she was caught with 650 grams of gold after which she was released on bail.

In the early hours of Wednesday, she landed at the Delhi airport. A team of customs officials intercepted her at the green channel. During the baggage scanning, five gold bars and jewellery were recovered from her.

“On detailed examination of her baggage and personal search, five gold bars and gold jewellery total weighing 3.1 kg having market value of Rs 89 lakh were recovered from her hand bag, which was found concealed in a small pouch,” a press release issued by the customs said.

“Some US and Indian currency notes were seized from her. She was arrested under Section 104 of the Customs Act, 1962 and the gold was seized under Section 110,” said one senior customs official.

The customs sleuths suspect a larger racket behind the latest spate of smuggling. The woman reportedly told them she was a carrier and used to supply gold to some syndicate.