13 Countries Continue Screening Films in Asmara

International Film Week Asmara
International Film Week in which 13 countries are participating will be featured from 8 – 15 February here in the capital.

By Yosief Abraham Z,

Kicked-off its curtain on February 8 of 2017, Asmara’s cinemas are continuing their international experience for screening variously diversified films. Opened its aisles with Eritrea’s cultural film ‘Milenu’ to movie fans in Cinema Roma, this international film week will close its gates on Wednesday, 15 February with USA’s ‘Inside Out’ and of China’s ‘Angel Vera’ films that will be screened in Cinema Asmara.

Italy which has been ranked as one of the ten most celebrated countries for their soft-power but crippled in playing vital role in its former colonials affair constructively in 2013 has been in Asmara with its film ‘Generazione Mile Euro,’ and ‘Se Fo Si In Te.’ And followed to Italy, German is also featuring its films; ‘Volkyre’ is the country’s brand Asmara is proud of testifying its packages.

Egypt and Saudi-Arabia, which have been in polarized stances and are marching to differed ramifications on various political landscapes, are also featuring their contents. Saudi-Arabia has chosen a film entitled ‘King Salman’ while Egypt is represented by ‘Ei Ard (the Earth).’

Qatar—which its relations with United Arab Emirates and Bahrain strained owing to the perceived closeness between the Qatari government and the Muslim Brotherhood—had also its ‘Past and Future’ motion picture on 13 February at Cinema Roma in Asmara.

And Turkey which had joint military practices with North-Sudan and Qatar from 8 to 10 January of 2017 also paced to Asmara with its film ‘Selvi Boylum.’ Turkey—which had sent a trade delegation to Ethiopia in December of 2008—and met the ex-resident of the Oromia Region–Abadula Gemeda–has been fostering its focus on East Africa’s countries.

Russia—which hosted Pushkin’s 180 years memorial at Asmara’s Pushkin Yard on 10 February of 2017 also joined Israel, Germany, United Kingdom and South-Korea in Asmara for screening its movie profile. And after dissolving the United States Information Agency (USIA) on October 1 of 1999, ‘The 42 Jackie‘ film from United States is also featured to audiences.

Screened films which are diversified in their contents, this International Film week event is organized by Eritrea’s Commission of Sport and Culture and expects to leave bolded proficiencies for exerting excelled efforts to organize similar international platform for motion pictures from different countries in 2018 in Asmara.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance-journalist and he can be contacted at josiabraham29@gmail.com or on twitter @asmeracare.