It is Kenya’s Turn to Malign Eritrea

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The arrogantly worded threats of Mr. Watangula against Eritrea and its people are irresponsible and regrettable!

By Berhane Alazar,

It has been almost two years since that fateful day when Eritrea was once again abused by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) when it was the unwilling recipient of the ill-advised and illegal sanction, which was apparently the pride of Ambassador Susan Rice of the United States.

Yes, the US-sponsored UN resolution 1907 was slapped on the peaceful and hardworking people of Eritrea under the guise of “punishing Eritrea” for its alleged support of Al Shabab, a ragtag army that has been battling the US supported states, primarily the shameless Ethiopian regime that has perfected the art of begging, cheating, lying and deceiving to the general populace of the Ethiopian people and for being a willing servant of its western handlers.

That was neither here or there, for by now, the world knows this sad but true scenario whereby the minority regime in Ethiopia gets away with concocted stories against Eritrea with nothing to show for them.

That being the case, it goes without saying then that the regime’s continual huffing and puffing in a vain attempt to blackmail Eritrea and the Eritrean people should not have come with even the faintest of surprises. But what surprised many independent observers was not only that the Kenyan government fell into that empty bravado mantra many countries before it have gone through and ignominiously failed, but its arrogant attitude towards the people and government of Eritrea.

Here is a country that wants to prove its existence, if one can call that existence, by competing with the bankrupt Meles regime that tried and failed to “Pacify” the Somali freedom fighters with the help of the US. One would have to be dumber than a box of rocks to reinvent the wheel, which apparently the Kenyans are attempting to do.

Now, no one is disputing that any nation has some legal right to safeguard its borders and Kenyans should not be any different in that sense. So, while many observers doubt the officially stated goal of Kenyans to violate the territory of a neighboring country, Somalia, this writer believes that is an issue between Somalia and Kenya to sort it out since, I honestly believe, the UNSC has succeeded in making itself irrelevant in world affairs by being a biased and one sided organization. The organization that was supposed to stand for peace and security of the world we live in has sadly become the playing field of the big boys who all wield veto power!

Moreover, it is mind boggling how the rest of the UNSC members fell easy prey of the machinations by the United States of America. How often have we witnessed the US manipulating any issues not to its liking and manage for the rest of the boys to, at least, “Abstain” when it pushes for certain resolutions? But, that burning issue has been discussed aplenty before by many writers with varying political leanings.

So what is Kenya up to when it shamelessly accused Eritrea of “Delivering” some plane loads of weapons in Al Shabab controlled air strip?

To be sure, it is only the authorities in Kenya that should answer that. But, for all intents and purposes, it really does not matter much why they said what they chose to say. After all, when one is apparently “encouraged” to do some mission for foreign powers, can we expect them to tell us the true motives of the Kenyan mission short of what they stated themselves? But, whatever their mission, they are there. That is a fact. It is also a fact that they have unfairly slandered Eritrea and the Eritrean people in their apparent wish to align themselves with the carrot provider of the day, the United States.

The Kenyans are basically following on the footsteps of the Americans and Ethiopians by attempting to make Eritrea their sacrificial lamb as their evil partners have done it before them, but of course all to no avail. The obvious question that any reasonable observer needs to raise is simply, as the classic fast food ad stated “Where is the beef“?

The Kenyans ought to have learned from their Ethiopian friends that it is easier to label people and country for the wrong reasons than to try to correct their irresponsible statements wrongly thrown at Eritrea, for actions she knows nothing about, let alone to be the culprit of the actions whose happenings have yet to be ascertained by some independent body!

But, just for the record, Eritrea does not succumb to any pressure thrown at her for she has seen many evil conspiracies weaved unfairly against her. The conspirators are nothing but a semblance of a runaway freight train that may be rambling with all its power and ensuing loud noise but only to end up dead stop when it crashes against a formidable rock! Need I spell out who that rock might be?

Actually, the Kenyans sound not very smart, when they said that the weapons were from Eritrea when the world knows the area is one of the most scrutinized neighborhoods by the American and French garrison stationed in Djibouti and American Military stationed in Ethiopia.

How is it possible for the Eritreans to sneak in, as it were, not a donkey-load of weapons but 3 plane-loads of weapons without ever getting detected by the surveillance equipment at Camp Lemonier and all the western ships at the Somali coast and the Indian Ocean?

What kept the Kenyans (and presumably their American mentors) from destroying those “Unidentified” planes and preventing them from landing, in the first place, and taking off stealthily after they did the highly improbable mission?

While it is their prerogative to do and say whatever their gray matter orders them, the Kenyans ought to provide the rest of us some evidence to their wild allegation before they make bloody fools of themselves; and perhaps learn a lesson or two from what positive things the Ugandans have been saying about Eritrea and Eritreans on the recent Uganda visit conducted by H.E. President Isaias of Eritrea a couple of months ago. Suffice is to say, not long ago, the Ugandans were also duped into acting against Eritrea by “drafting” Resolution 1907 no doubt on the behest of the same forces that are day dreaming of cajoling the Eritrean people into rolling over and playing dead.

That ain’t gona happen for we have paid dearly to achieve our independence and are prepared to pay some more, if necessary!

Eritrean Independence is Non-negotiable!