A Joyful Day Out at Gahtelai Dam with NUEW

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As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) invited 1000 people to visit the Gahtelai Dam, which is presently under construction.

Neither words nor amateur photos can do justice to the amazing work that is underway to build the first fully concrete 54 million cu.mt. capacity dam that will quench the area from Massawa and all the way to Ghinda and Embatkalla.

The 450 meter across concrete wall will be 42 meters high (now seen at 9 meters height) and will collect rain waters and rivers that flow down from the highlands.

The 3km wide dam may not be the biggest of some of the other dams in Eritrea, but it will be the deepest.

More than 1500 National Service men and women met, welcomed, mingled and danced together with the visitors.

The dream of greening the Northern Red Sea Zoba is becoming a reality!

These photos are only a taster of the potential of the land and people who will, in years and generations to come, enjoy the full benefits of economic, social and cultural ownership.