Kassala Governor Lauds Sudanese Eritrean Eternal Relations

Kassala governor lauds Sudan Eritrea Relation
Kassala governor Adam Jama’a


The Wali (governor) of Kassala state, Adam Jama’a, has asserted the deep and eternal relations between the peoples of Sudan and Eritrea that have extended to all fields.

The governor of kassala has lauded the financial support extended by the Eritrean community in kassala, and its stances and active participation in all the state’s programs, particularly its participation in the reception of the President of the Republic upon his recent visit to the state.

He added that the participation of the Eritrean community in the schools tournament is essential, and that the support extended represents a value and a great moral push, expressing the community’s keenness to the success of the school tournament as part of the state’s components.

The chairman of the Eritrean community in Kassala state, Ibrahim Iddris, noted that the extended support expresses the community’s support to the school tournament, stressing their standing alongside the state’s government to make the tournament successful, and their participation in all the state’s programs.

The Chairman of the Sudanese Eritrean People’s Friendship society, Abdul- Gadir yagoub, indicated the importance and value of communication between the Eritrean community and the government of Kassala state.