Keren Hospital Inaugurates New Maternity Clinic

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Inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed mother-child clinic


New maternity building at Keren Hospital constructed at a cost of 90 million Nakfa has been inaugurated yesterday, 1 December.

The new building includes 33 rooms equipped with modern facilities for delivery, neo-natal care, incubators, surgery and post-surgery treatment, radiant warmers, and a laboratory as well as 19 latrines and lavatory, and 2 stores.

Indicating that the old rooms in the hospital have been creating inconvenience in the daily activities of the hospital, Dr. Yafet Hailemicael, Medical Director of the hospital, said that the new building will have a significant contribution in alleviating the existing challenges.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Amina Nurhusein, Minister of Health, said that the objective for the construction of the new building was to avoid the challenges that may occur during the delivery and death of mothers and children and commended Bidho Construction Company and partners for their contribution in the construction of the building.

Dr. Henok Tsehaye, head of the Ministry of Health branch in Anseba Region, on his part, indicating that the new building will have a significant contribution in easing the burden the hospital has been facing, called on the public to strengthen participation for its sustainability.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Government and PFDJ officials, religious leaders, members of the Ministry of Health, village elders, and invited guests.