Matt McClearn of the Canadian Business Magazine Fired

The case of Matthew McClearn of the Canadian Business Magazine. An eye for a Chin?
The case of Matthew McClearn of the Canadian Business Magazine. An eye for a Chin?

By TesfaNews,

A REUTERS reporter and former employee of the Canadian Business Magazine (CBM) today disclosed that the company fired Matthew McClearn, who recently been under heavy criticism for attacking a country and people he knows nothing about with his outlandish article he wrote for CBM .

When Arshy Mann read McClearn’s irresponsible and childish story on the CBM, he felt sorry that the one time reputable magazine is not helping itself to come up with genuine works. He said on his twitter page,  “Here’s the kind of work CBM is losing out on.” 

The mining company that Matthew McClearn trying to shame was the Vancouver based Nevsun Resources Ltd. who owns 60% of the world class Bisha mine in Eritrea.

Matthew McClearn labels Eritreans who are working at the mine to develop their war torn nation as being “slaves”, the most derogatory and demeaning term.

He also calls every tax-paying Canadian citizen” to help him pressure Nevsun to stop operating in Eritrea.

The fool, by his own admission, accused Nevsun of profiting from ‘slavery’.

Although we do not have any information on what actions Nevsun took on the writer and the magazine, we are very much certain that a reputable company such as Nevsun can not be dragged into the mud by a silly and irresponsible writer like McClearn, who pulls a rabbit out of his hat to make such erroneous accusations. The call to  held him accountable by “every tax-paying Canadian citizen” still stands.

Matthew McClearn is now out of the company and jobless.

Arshy Mann stated, he really is disheartened to see Matt McClearn lost his job. He said it  “really disheartening to see the lay-offs at Canadian Business magazine…”

According to James Bradshaw, a media reporter from The Globe and Mail, the three employees whose jobs were cut at CBM are  managing editor Conan Tobias, senior writer Matthew McClearn, and online editor Trevor Melanson. It looks like they are all paying the price for irresponsible journalism.

Telecom giant and mother company Rogers Communications today appointed James Cowan as the new editor of Canadian Business magazine.

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