Mines and Money London 2012: Investor Spotlight – South Boulder Mines

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The Colluli potash deposit is the world’s shallowest and the only open pit mining. What a Wonder?
The Colluli potash deposit is going to be world’s shallowest and the only open pit mining.

By Mines and Money,

Dr Chris Gilchrist gave an eye opening presentation about his company South Boulder Mines at the Mines and Money London 2012 Investors conference.

Dr Chris Gilchrist is a mineral processing engineer with over 30 years’ experience. He has managed major projects, mining and mineral processing research, new product development and the operation of large mines. 

He has served on the boards of several mining companies and his areas of specialty include potash, diamonds, mineral sands and gold. Dr Gilchrist has been on the South Boulder mines board since 2010 and is actively managing the definitive feasibility study in to the Colluli Potash project.

[EDITOR: Dr Chris Gilchrist’s video presentation is available HERE. We’ll provide a YouTube version of the video as soon as it is available]


South Boulder Mines Ltd (ASX:STB, South Boulder) is an Australian based exploration and mining company developing the world class Colluli Postash Project in Eritrea.

The company anticipates the product of 1-2Mt of potash via open pit mining methods in 2016 or sooner. The Colluli Project is situated in a uniquely young and shallow evaporate basin called the Danakil Depression which straddles the Eritrean and Ethiopian border in the south eastern coastal region of Eritrea.

Since June 2010 South Boulder has defined a substantial mineral resource and has been conducting feasibility study activities into mining the world’s first open cut potash.