Ministry of Public Works: Things to do for 2011

Mr. Abraha

The Minister of Public Works, Mr. Abraha Asfaha, said that major projects of strategic significance were implemented in 2010 focusing on the construction of new roads and renovation of existing ones, drafting master plans for urban and semi-urban areas, supervising engineering activities, construction of bridges, water reservoirs and water diversion schemes, among others.                

He pointed out that some of the major infrastructure development projects put in place include road networks such as:

  • Massawa-Erafaile
  • Barentu-Tessenei-Talatasher
  • Massawa-Gilbub
  • Afabet-Kubkub-Nacfa
  • Massawa-Assab, as well as
  • Gash Bridge in Alebu

The majority of such projects have been finalized, while the remaining few are in the process of implementation, the Minister added. Mr. Abraha further explained that,

  • Egla-Foro road – would begin service by the first quarter of this year, while
  • Himbrti-Mensura-Agordat and
  • Massawa-Afabet-Agordat roads – would be expanded up to mining sites and
  • A number of ‘Airports’ will be constructed in different parts of the country with the development of tourism and agro-industry

He  further stated that although the Ministry has been laying emphasis on the construction of water reservoirs and ponds towards ensuring potable water supply, more and major water reservoirs would be constructed in 2011 so as to reinforce agricultural and animal  husbandry activities.

Indicating that supervision is being undertaken on the ongoing construction of over 56 schools, Mr. Abraha said that

  • drafting plans
  • conducting studies would also be among the work programs for this year.
  • Construction of integerated residential housing complexes in a number of towns
  • Construction of 4 Big Stadiums and renovating the existing two stadiums in Asmara
  • Major construction boom in all sectors of the country inline with the finalization of the Cement factory, and
  • Modernization of Massawa and Assab ports are going to be the main work programs of the Ministry among many others for year 2011.

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