Ministry to Launch Six New TV Channels and a number of FM Radio Stations

Ministry of Information has planned to launch 8 TV channels and a number of FM Radio stations in each town

By TesfaNews,

The Eritrean information minister, Mr. Ali Abdu, disclosed that his ministry has plans to introduce six additional new TV channels and a number of FM radio stations in the immediate future.

He made this remarks during his 29th October exclusive interview with a Washington based radio ‘Voice of Eritrea’.

He went on to say that with the existing two TV channels, the total number of TV channels will soon rise to eight.

Accordingly, ERI-TV channels will be grouped in to eight different program channels and would be named as ERI-News, ERI-Culture, ERI-Nature, ERI-Education, ERI-Diaspora, ERI-Sport, ERI-Movie and ERI-Children.

In the last 20 years, the ministry has made tremendous progress in the implementation and introduction of various programs, including the development of infrastructure and technical competence of media outlets, upgrading broadcast stations and expanding coverage, digitalizing equipment and nurturing skilled manpower.

We are now 100% digitalized,” said Minister Ail Abdu. “We are now heading to provide High Definition (HD) services.”

The newly introduced LAN linear editing High Definition (HD) instruments are expected to go operational by the year 2012 and will boost ERI-TV’s broadcasting editing capabilities.

In a bid to constantly upgrade its skilled manpower, the Ministry has set up a competent Journalism Training Center within the premises of the Ministry. At various times, the Ministry has offered and is offering trainings locally and abroad in collaboration with partners.

Minister Ali also disclosed that in line with the full transformation of Radio ‘Dimtsi Hafash’ in to a digitalized mode of operation, every major town in Eritrea will soon have its own FM radio transmission and program.

With the expansion of program coverage and increased airtime, at present, ‘Dimtsi Hafash’ is broadcasting over 270 programs weekly in the country’s nine languages and other ones.