Mirjam van Reisen a Pseudo Humanitarian

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Dr. Mirjam van Reisen, the bigot that always fails trying to influence Eritrean politics
Dr. Mirjam van Reisen, the bigot that always fails trying to influence Eritrean politics


During the difficult times of Eritrea, when Eritreans were being scattered, forced to flee from their homes en mass; they cried for support of the international communities and received a deaf ear. Napalm bombs were torching villages and mutilating Eritrea’s children with impunity.

As Eritrea appealed to the world for any attention, appealed for relief, no one was there to listen to that plea of respite; instead, the barrage of assault became harsher. That continued until the land became barren, the streets emptied devoid of youth, the social structures dismembered, the economic viability of the nation stripped bare and, the once joyful streets and villages became a prototype of destruction unrecognizable to Eritreans. They were forced to flee from torture and settled in many places around the world unexpectedly. 

It is ironic because what I am writing represents my life story and the story of millions of Eritreans. I am telling the story that I lived.

The interesting part is, as I passed through the journey like many; in the process, I witnessed and heard horrific stories of torture, rape and killings of Eritreans that followed the same path. These are public stories.

However, Eritreans went through it and came out victorious without any help. Eritreans had no choice but to count on each other, on families, brothers, sisters, and the resilient nature of Eritrean spirit to withstand the onslaught and buy time, buy a chance to live to fight, to sustain the revolution and ultimately the very Existence of Eritrea.

And through the grace of the almighty Allah/God Eritreans sailed through it like the blessed children that they are and came out stronger and wiser. They came away believing on themselves and, they came believing on no one else but Eritreans will ensure their future.

Now, Eritrea is flourishing country – getting brighter every day. The once barren land is full of waters and greenery from coast to coast and east to west turning once abandoned desert into luscious green agricultural land. Eritrea, once left to decompose is now Gold that glitters. Eritrea’s direction stands like no other, because of her ability to chart her own path. The brilliance of the Eritrean people is becoming more and more apparent to the world because Eritreans keep showing the world that they can work together, grow together, live together, support each other, educate each other, nurture and treat each other as they should and more. They are doing it with zest and joy celebrating every possible moment and working hard to attain a high standard of living.

This is complemented by a pragmatic approach to governance that integrates the various sectors and makes them work in concert. For example, one of the main areas that Eritrea focuses on is food security. To ensure food security, Eritrea needed to build infrastructures that can support it. Therefore, the entire country, led by the construction sector, engaged on water retention program by building small and large dams in strategic areas all over the country. The beauty is once the dams are full, the agricultural sector becomes viable, in turn supports other spin-off benefits such as animal husbandry, local produce production capacity while stabilizing local markets, and creates jobs etc… And that is the reality of life in Eritrea today.

A careful look at Eritrea’s economic sectors will reveal that Eritrea, in a short time would have a shortage of manpower in every sector because the population will not be able to fill all jobs that will become available. This will include fishery, banking, education, healthcare, mining, tourism, construction etc… It was not easy to get to this point however, hard work, discipline, determination and a clear vision guided Eritrea. This is the reality of Eritrea. The Eritrean dedication and willingness to sacrifice is unparalleled. That is why Eritrea was able to attain victory and maintain independence against every odd. It is the unity and the ability to persevere that sustained this condemned nation.

This nation was colonized by bigoted whites that enslaved Eritrea for decades. This is a nation that was condemned to death by the US and European countries and given away to a far less developed entity. And that is why Eritreans were subjected to years of unnecessary hardship. Unfortunately, the Westerners have never given up on their dreams of re-colonizing this pristine rich country of beautiful people.

They have waged wars, attempted all types of covert and overt sabotage, assassination attempts and illegal sanctions. Central to all these inhuman crimes is, their consistent demonizing campaign waged against Eritrea from every angle using every conceivable tool, and it is always based on fabrication, exaggeration and misrepresentation of the truth to fit their agenda.

One of the main tools of the West is the people they send to spy and penetrate countries of interest. As soon as Eritrea became independent, scores of NGO’s flocked into Eritrea with hopes of running a country from a scratch only to find out, the people that freed Eritrea had a different idea on how to run the country. This became a serious disappointment to many such as the disgruntled Dr Mirjam van Reisen. She went to Eritrea with the hopes of putting her stamp and found her hopes dashed when she realized that Eritrea was not like other countries that the Westerners pillage and plunder as they have for centuries.

In a recent interview, his Excellency President Isaias Afwerki revealed, shortly after independence, the World Bank asked to write a country program for Eritrea and became disappointed when told that Eritrea will write her own program based on her needs. Dr. van Reisen happens to fall in that category.

However, this racist bigot Dr. van Reisen has been using Eritrea and Africa to make money publishing books and selling regurgitated fabrications hatched and rehashed by the likes of Selam Kidane who happens to be blanketed by the spirit and gunpowder of dictator and butcher of Eritreans Mengistu Haile Mariam of the Derg. Selam Kidane and her likes are the principal authors of the article Dr. Van Reisen mimic and publish. And as these people get desperate, they are more brazen and their defamation campaign knows no bounds. Lately, Tesfa-kihdet Me-Har-ina and ilk are literally selling human organs in the most graphic ways to demonize the name “Eritrea” to score political points.

Furthermore, in a recent article, the bigoted Dr. van Reisen reached to her racist roots when she decided to divide Eritreans using EU funds that Eritrea did not ask for. She said the EU needs to stop funding Eritrea, and fund refugees in Sinai and blame Eritrea for the plight. No one is opposed to helping refugees. But, what Dr. van Reisen has done is use these poor souls to score political points and that is blasphemous. The people of Eritrea are not seeking for handouts from her racist hands but she is forcing it upon them as if asked. More importantly, Eritreans are perfectly capable to take care of their own as they have for decades.

The Euro or Dollar that she is politicizing is the same tender that Eritreans use to help each other. The criminals perpetrating the crimes are those that she needs to focus on. However, justice is not on her racist agendas. Dr. Van Riesen, is using the tragedy of Lampedusa to, again, make a political case and get some attention for her anti Eritrean political agendas. Van Riesen has ignored the plight of African refugees that are suffering in Libya a direct result of NATO intervention and turned this tragic event into Eritrea specific thus undermining the very cause, “Human Rights” that she proclaims to advocate. Worse yet, in an attempt to dislodge more youth from Eritrea the bigoted Dr. Var Riesen is demanding the EU give political asylum to every Eritrean that leaves the country. In her recent op-ed that headlined “EU Should Grant Asylum To All Eritrean Refugees,” Dr. Van Riesen wrote,

“The tragedy in Lampedusa shows that the issue of legitimate asylum-seekers must be addressed and that Europe must offer protection and demonstrate internal solidarity and coherence in providing for this need. Without delay, the EU must provide protection and asylum to Eritrean refugees.”

Is Dr. Van Riesen trying to help Eritreans or trying to create more refugees from Eritrea? Would it not create more African refugees when she advocates the ill-conceived advocacy of hers? What mechanism does Dr. Van Riesn have to clarify who is Eritrean? What makes Eritrean refugees special from say Ethiopians, Sudanese or Malians?

Her campaign and articles have demonstrated that she is “Compadres” and collaborator with the anti-Eritrean campaign that frequent Ethiopia. Furthermore, her assertion is in contradiction to the assessment Ambassador McMullen gave about Eritrean youth. He clearly articulated that the Eritrean youth is tight nit with their communities abroad meaning that we Eritreans work hand and glove.

Eritreans know that these people are conducting major campaign to destroy Eritrea. That is their aim. Eritreans have been exposing the credibility of these fraudulent Nazis disguised in the name of humanity. It is repulsing to see a bigoted woman belittle Eritrea, a country that our heroines gave their life for. Eritreans will not allow Eritrea be defined and defiled by this evil lady. It is blasphemous to destroy the great achievements and beautiful history of Eritrea.

Dr Mirjam van Reisen is a bigot that needs to know that Eritrea will never bow to handouts, will never be deterred from moving ahead, and will live the life she aspire. Furthermore, Eritreans have brave mothers and sisters that stand for their own in ways the world has never seen. Hence, it is insult to be used and exploited by a bigot.