Model Grace Mahary Launches Nonprofit Project Tsehigh

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The model is bringing light and love to Eritrea and beyond.

Project Tsehigh. Model Grace Mahary project to light homes in Eritrea
Project Tsehigh ጸሓይ. Victoria Secret Model Grace Mahary is determined to light homes in Eritrea … one house at a time.


A first generation Canadian of Eritrean decent, Grace has long captivated us with her smoldering eyes and effortless beauty.

Armed with a team of four people, Grace is undertaking a huge effort to bring uninterrupted clean energy to impoverished communities around the world.

But first, she will start in Eritrea, home to Grace’s own family and a place, she says, is in desperate need of sustainable clean energy after relying heavily on gasoline-fueled generators that pollute the air.

In six years, Grace transformed her passion project into a non-profit called Project Tsehigh (pronounced sah-hi in Tigrinya, translated as “sun” in English) with a modest goal of installing solar panels in rural homes.

Her first goal is to provide solar energy systems to each home. That means one solar panel per household, which includes three light bulbs, a battery and an extension cord that has the ability to charge a small electrical device like a cell phone.