More than 20 Ambassadors Present their Credentials to the Eritrean Government

Amb. Norbertus Wilhelmus Maria Braakhuis of the Netherlands

By Shabait,

President Isaias Afwerki received the credentials of more than 20 Ambassadors in a ceremony conducted at the National Palace.

During the presentation ceremony, the Ambassadors asserted that they would play positive role in strengthening relations between Eritrea and their respective countries. 

The Ambassadors are:

Amb. Guy Feldman of Israel

Amb. Mahmoud Hassan Abdelal of Egypt

Amb. Majid Yusuf Yahiya of Sudan

Amb. Baard Hopland of Norway

Amb. Mohammed Bin E. Al-Mannia of Qatar

Amb. Marchel Gerrmann of the EU

Amb. Abdella Meter K. Almezruie of U.A.E

Amb. Luis Javier Campuzano of Mexico

Amb. Jewad Terk Abadi of Iran

Amb. Dr. Sudjatmiko of Indonesia

Amb. Toshihisa Takata of Japan

Amb. Baba Gana Wakil of Nigeria

Amb. Sibabrata Tripathi of India

Amb. Bart Ouvr of Belgium

Amb. Pavel Kafka of the Czech Republic

Amb. Moussa Diakite of Mali

Amb. Marco Antonio Diniz Brandao of Brazil

Amb. Kingsley Saka Abdul Karimu of Ghana

Amb. Kim Chan-woo of South Korea

Amb. Fazil Corman of Turkey