Movement Calls Establishing of Transitional Govt of National Unity in Ethiopia

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National conference of all parties and a transitional government in Ethiopia
A national conference of all parties and a transitional government is the way forward to avert an all-out crisis in Ethiopia. (Photo: @AnaGomesMEP, L-R: Mr. Yared Hailemariam, Prof. Berhanu Nega, Ana Gomes, Dr. Dimma Noggo, Mr. Selemon Negash )


The coalition, Ethiopian National Movement (ENM), today urged all stakeholders to work towards the establishment of a transitional government of national unity in a bid to save Ethiopia from slipping into an instability of regional and global consequences.

Leaders of the ENM, who presented their “Program of transition towards a sustainable democratic order in Ethiopia” at the European Parliament, also called for the convening of “a national conference of all stakeholders, including political organizations and civic groups inside the country and all those forced into exile.”

The road map, as presented by chair of ENM’s executive council, Dr. Dima Nego, says the main task of the transitional government would be, among others, to conduct free, fair and credible elections.

“The Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) will do all within its ability to mount internal and external pressures to bring the regime to the negotiating table. If the intransigence of the regime persists, the ENM would employ all nonviolent means of popular resistance to bring an end to the authoritarian and divisive regime, so that the country is put on a path of transition towards a sustainable stable democratic order,” says the document presented at the European Parliament in Brussels today.

Speaking to ESAT from Brussels Dr. Nego said an all-out crisis is already in the making in Ethiopia and foreign allies of of the regime have now come to realize the fact that maintaining the status quo would not bring any solution.

Prof. Berhanu Nega, Chairman of Patriotic Ginbot 7, a member of ENM, said on his part that it has become abundantly clear to western governments that are allies of the regime that the TPLF cannot bring any remedy to the political crisis unfolding in the country and in fact they have come to know that the regime was the problem.

Nega told ESAT that opposition forces that represent a diverse group of ethnic groups like ENM have long reached at a common understanding and came up with the solution to the political quagmire the country is currently in.

He said this unity among the opposition has now been clear to western powers that have been supporting the regime.

Nega says western governments are convinced that a national conference of all parties and a transitional government is the way forward.

ENM’s road map document also details the role of the national conference and the tasks of the transitional government which the Movement says should not exceed four years.

Today’s public meeting at the European Parliament was organized by Ana Gomes, a member of the Parliament and was attended by MPs, experts, representatives various organizations as well as Ethiopian political and civic groups.

When Tigrai Online had thrown the terrified people of Tigray into panic …

EPRDF is Being Eaten Alive From Within – Can it Save Itself?


EPRDF executive committee is in closed meeting to address the worsening political situation in Ethiopia. As long as they don’t confront the root problem of the party and the country, we are not going to see that much change. However, if the EPRDF is serous on saving itself and prevent the country from breaking apart they have to be willing to take drastic measures.

EPRDF is weak, divided and afraid to take tough actions, but most of all the EPRDF has failed to stop the coup d’état taking place in Ethiopia. EPRDF’s fearful and weak policy of appeasing exposed the party, the country and the people in to greater danger more than ever.

Some regional leaders are openly defying the federal government and they want the federal army not to enter their territory. The lame excuse we have been hearing lately is there is TPLF dominance in EPRDF which is absolutely false, but if there is dominance why the civilian Tigraians targeted by savage mobs?

The federal government is losing power every day because some members of the EPRDF party are infiltrated by OLF, Ginbot-7 and their supporters.

Week after week we are seeing people losing their lives because they are from one particular ethnic group or the other state. Now the targets are unarmed young university students. How is it possible for university students to be stoned in a broad day light?

If the EPRDF didn’t come out stronger in this life and death situation, the danger of disintegration for Ethiopia increases by two folds and the victims of the aftermath will be those who are pushing the current dangerous lawlessness.

If you think there will be peaceful life after the EPRDF where the puppets of Egypt will lead Ethiopia, think again, that will be the day all hell will break loose. Those people who endured through thousands of years warfare and hardship will still endure.