MP Defend Terror on Eritrean Civic Centers

Parliamentarian Arhe Hamednaca (S) of the Swedish-Eritrean Social Democrat defending Terrorism
Parliamentarian Arhe Hamednaca (S) of the Swedish-Eritrean Social Democrat. How he defends Terrorism

By TesfaNews,

After the coordinated terrorist attacks on three Eritrean community centers in Stockholm, some politicians in the country have started to downplay the heinous terrorist act directed at the 20,000 strong Swedish-Eritrean community.

Although no one has claimed responsibility, the police are doing investigation on the matter though they started to believe that it is the work of an arson.

Sveriges radio yesterday reported by quoting TT news agency that most members of the Eritrean community believes such a crime is the work of some Swedish Eritreans who are critical of the Eritrean government. One person who asked to remain anonymous confirms that “there was definitely a political motive behind it.” 

However, for someone who followed recent criminal activities of  the EYSC,  a supposedly peaceful political and democracy activists, there is no doubt that they are behind the crime.

Their recent cowardice acts of violence in different parts of Europe tarnishes their purpose. They are now seen as tools of destruction than democratic activists.

Last month, a U.S. court has found members of the EYSC group guilty for vandalizing the Eritrean community center in Oakland. The group is also facing a surmountable legal challenge in Europe for violating Article 22 of the Vienna Convention after they foolishly invade and vandalize the Eritrean embassies in London, Rome and Paris. Of course, practicing their democratic rights to be stupid, the group later posted the video of their cowardice act on the internet as something to be proud of.

As has been the norm for the past few years for the Eritrean community in Stockholm to be a subject of continued harassment, intimidation, and widespread campaign from groups such as EYSC in conjunction with a very hostile media in the country, what makes the Sunday’s episode different was its criminal and terrorist nature that happened right after the SVT television station finished broadcasting its usual skewed and completely biased documentary on the noble 2% voluntary contribution of Swedish-Eritrean nationals towards the reconstruction and development of their home country.

However, some self-serving politicians like the parliamentarian Arhe Hamednaca, a Swedish-Eritrean Social Democrat, came forward trying to throw their filthy weight to defend the crimes committed by the criminal gangs by downplaying the incident altogether.

Stupid as it may sound, MP Arhe Hamednaca branded the EYSC criminals as “Democratic Oppositions” while for the rest the peace loving Eritrean community in Sweden as “Regime Loyalists”.

Asked about the terrorist incident by the TT news agency, MP Arhe Hamednaca says, he didn’t accept the fact that the three clubhouses in Husby, Solna and Högdalen that are burned are the works of EYSC. He said the “Democratic Opposition” are not responsible for the arson at all.

It could be a government-friendly group who is trying to make it look like the opposition groups have started the fires,” says Hamednaca. “They are known for doing these kinds of things, especially since they are desperate right now.”

According to the brainy MP, the reason for their desperation, as he claims, was the recent uprising of soldier in Eritrea, as well as the Swedish media’s coverage of how the Eritrean regime threatens and black mails Swedish Eritreans.

It seems that some politicians in Sweden have no clue of the Eritrean psyche and completely detached from its history. As for MP Arhe, he would have been judged better if he defend politics than terrorism.