Natnael Voted Best African Cyclist of 2013

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Natnael Berhane voted Best African cyclist of the Year 2013.
Eritrean Rider Natnael Berhane voted Best African cyclist of the Year 2013. Suffice to remember the words of PIA – “We’re Number 1 in Africa”


Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a winner of your vote for Africa’s Best Sportsman of the Year, the dual champion of African road cycling, champion of Presidential Tour of Turkey, the born rider, the new prodigy of world cycling, the one and only, Eritrean Natnael Berhane.

According to the results released by the Africa Top Sports Award 2013 organizers, Natnael claimed this victory by sweeping the available 4,371 (44%) of the votes against  2,847 votes (29%) by Ivorian favorite Yaya Touré and 637 (7%) by Didier Drogba.

Voted best African cyclist in 2012, Natnael Berhane was in top form in 2013 and hopes to confirm this year too. Here is what he has posted on his Facebook page after learning the decision:

My friends, I’ve no words to express the great happiness I’m feeling in this moment. I’m really impressed with all your support. So this prize is also yours. I also thank all of you for my birthday messages. Thanks cheers sssssss.

Daniel Teklehaymanot, another Eritrean cycling king, was voted the Best African cyclist in 2012.

Eritrean government officials are also quick to congratulate the young talent for his achievement. The Eritrean Ambassador to UK and Ireland, Tesfamicael Gerahtu, wrote the following on his Facebook profile:

Viva Natnael! This is a remarkable achievement to you and the Eritrean cycling Team. It is a strong indication of the rapid progress of cycling in Eritrea and the accumulated successes that you have earned in African and global competitions. Keep it up and the whole nation is rallying behind you and the entire Eritrean Cycling Team! Congratulations also to all patriotic Eritreans and friends of Eritrea, Natnael and the Eritrean Cycling Team who took the strong position of voting Natnael as the greatest cyclist for 2013. ጻዕርና ይቀጽል፡ ይዕወት’ውን ናይ ግድን። Viva Natnael!

Eritrea is the unchallenged Cycling champion of Africa for four years in a row and its young and fearsome generation of cyclists continues to make waves throughout Africa and soon to the rest of the world.