New Anti-Eritrea Parliamentary Group Formed

Baroness-Kinnock-of-Holyhead Parliamentary Group
Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead (Labour), an admirer of the late Meles Zenawi and a staunch supporter of the Ethiopian regime won’t bother to display her utter dislike of the Eritrean government.


A brand new, anti-Eritrea Parliamentary grouping called The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Eritrea has been launched yesterday (9 March) following months of intense campaigns, blackmailing and arm twisting by a group called Eritrea Focus, an association of all Eritrea regime change advocate NGOs, human rights organizations, exile and refugee groups and individuals.

According to the statement released by the Group, the purpose of forming such a stand alone, new anti-Eritrea advocacy group in a Parliamentary level on Eritrea, within the UK House of Lords, is in a response to the lack of awareness and high-level debates on the worsening situation in the country.

But what are these ‘worsening situations’ in the country that warrants the concern of some Parliamentarians in the UK House of Lords? Why is Eritrea getting so much attention around European Parliamentarians and what are their motives? What if their ‘concern’ has nothing to do with democracy or human rights in Eritrea?

Well, the answer for these questions squarely rests on a certain leaked 2011 Amnesty International secret internal memo that details a plan on how to instigate regime change in Eritrea using the ‘reasonable‘ amount of grants they received with Human Rights Watch (HRW) from the U.S. State Department, and by extension from the then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. (See the copy of the memo below)

As clearly outlined in the secret memo, Amnesty International had laid out designs to unseat the government of President Isaias Afwerki through some kind of uprising, as has happened in other African and Arab countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain.

Our intended goal is that by December of this year [2011] the regime of [Eritrean President] Issaias Afwerki should be shaking and ready to fall, and we are working on the final details now of an ICC Warrant for crimes against humanity for the President.”.

Records as well as confessions made by former Board member Dr. Francis Boyle shows that “Amnesty International” as an Organization was the main actor in the coup-de-etat of Nicaragua and Venezuela in 2002 but this was the first time both Amnesty International and HRW were caught in writing accepting “a reasonable grant” from the U.S. State Department to do its dirty work.

After the act of ploys against Eritrea failed miserably, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch decided to use ‘Human Rights’ as their new way of intimidation and destabilization of the government of Eritrea. In effect, they managed to establish a UN country specific mandate on the situation of ‘human rights’ in Eritrea and employ every influence to make sure Ms. Sheila Keetharuth, a one time employee of Amnesty International, appointed as the Special Rapporteur on Eritrea.

Under the guise of the United Nations, Ms. Sheila Keetharuth released a number of reports on the alleged ‘human rights’ situations in Eritrea, without setting foot in the country. It turns out, all her reports and the evidence put forward were taken mostly from previous reports of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

Technically, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch used Ms. Keetharuth to legitimize their ill-conceived report ‘human right’ report on Eritrea using the UN as the perfect cover.

According to these ‘United Nations’ report, therefore, the government of Eritrea is responsible for systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations, which has created a climate of fear and stifled dissent. Many Eritreans are subjected to forced labour and imprisonment, and hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country.

There is no doubt Eritrea has many shortcomings like many other African countries. But since their objective from the very beginning was not to bring democracy and human rights in Eritrea, they continually denied Eritrea from defending itself in the various human rights forums so as to maintain their misguided misrepresentation and narrative of the country.

So the launching of APPG as a higher level group of Parliamentarians based entirely on such reports and misrepresentations, therefore, doesn’t bring the intended human rights unless otherwise these Parliamentarians also share the ‘regime change’ mantra of these rights groups, one way or another.

Accordingly, the newly elected officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Eritrea includes:

Chair: Matthew Pennycook MP (Labour, Greenwich and Woolwich)

Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead (Labour)
Lord Alton of Liverpool (Crossbench)
Jeremy Lefroy MP(Conservative, Stafford)
Ann Clwyd MP (Labour, Cynon Valley)
Patrick Grady MP (SNP, Glasgow North)

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If not aimed to insult the Eritrean people’s intelligence, Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch perfectly knew that they won’t achieve a regime change or any kind of destabilization in Eritrea using ‘human rights’ as a front, even if they form another group of Parliamentarians from the entire European countries. If Eritreans have no country, no other rights matter!