Newly Minted South Sudan Rebel Group Calls for Confederation with Khartoum

The mushrooming of Rebel groups against Salva-Kiir’s rule in South Sudan pose a greater threat to the fledgling state than from Khartoum

By Sudan Tribune,

A new rebel group by the name of South Sudan People Liberation Movement and South Sudan People Liberation Army (SSPLM/SSPLA) announced its formation this week to fight what they describe as “marginalization”.

According to their manifesto, the new movement says it emerged as a result of “marginalization of all the South Sudan political parties and civil society, failure to adopt a viable political road map which can galvanize and reward the Southern people for their victorious achievement of a just peace, the rampant corruption perpetrated by the SPLM-led government in Juba, neglect of the families of the martyrs in the war of liberation and the rigging of the people’s vote by the SPLM/A in the last elections and the SPLM/SPLA failures to delivered basic services to the citizens of the South”.

A unique part of SSPLM/SSPLA ideology is calling for a confederation between South Sudan and its northern neighbour.

“The SSPLA/SSPLM is fighting to establish United Sudan base on confederal system whereby the central government is based in Khartoum and represented by all two Sudan states”.

South Sudanese are fed up with the corrupt government of Salva Kiir Mayardit and therefore, all citizens of south Sudan are eager to see the Juba government been topple as soon as possible” said the manifesto signed by SSPLM/SSPLA chairman Tong Lual Ayat.

South Sudan became an independent state last July after its citizens voted almost unanimously in January to secede from the Arab-Muslim dominated north.

The newborn state has been grappling with tribal conflicts and insurgencies in different parts of the country.

This month, South Sudan army killed a key rebel leader, George Athor, who defected from the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) following his loss in Jonglei state gubernatorial elections in 2010.

The SSPLM said it will carry out guerrilla style attacks against the SPLA and establish an “effective propaganda machinery”.

In order to be able to regroup and politicize the forces effectively, the SSPLA shall need to establish its own camps, in the following areas. 1: Meram. 2: Renk. 3: Maban” the manifesto said.

But Major General Bapiny Monytuil from the South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) Military High Command said in an emailed response to Sudan Tribune that they oppose the confederation objective.

The people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for separation and nobody can reverse that. The democratic choice of the people of South Sudan has to be respected” Monytuil said.

We have given Maj. Gen. Tong Lual Ayat one week to change his Manifesto if he wants to work with other South Sudan rebels. If he doesn’t change his stance, then, we will not work with him” he warned.

Juba and Khartoum have routinely accused each other of backing the rebel groups in each other’s territory.