Eritrea Will not Face Any Food Crisis: President

no Food Crisis in Eritrea
Thanks to our judicious policy and bolstering of strategic food reserves, food crisis will not happen in Eritrea.


Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Saturday dismissed fears the Horn of African nation faces a food crisis, despite sweeping drought across the wider region leaving millions in need of aid.

Floods and failed rains caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon have sparked a dramatic rise in the number of people going hungry in east Africa.

But Eritrea has long rejected UN food aid in favour of a policy of self reliance, and President Isaias said he was not worried.

“In view of the harvest shortfall that has affected the whole Horn of Africa region, President Isaias stated that the country will not face any crisis in spite of reduced agricultural output,” the information ministry said, after he was interviewed by state-run media. 

President Isaias praised the government’s “judicious policy and approaches of bolstering its strategic food reserves.”

In November, the UN warned that Eritrea was among the countries at risk, like all the other nations in the wider region.

“The current El Nino pattern, being the strongest ever recorded, has caused severe drought in the Horn of Africa nation, resulting in crop reduction by 50 to 90 percent; even failure in some regions,” the United Nations said earlier this month.

In Ethiopia, over 10 million people need food aid, it added.

In the past few years, Eritrea builds more than 450 dams and micro dams throughout the country. According to UNDP, a single micro dam in Eritrea helps feed 1,200 households or around 6,000 people. Dams in Eritrea boost income for the farmers besides improving food security.