Northern Red Sea Region: 26 Schools Under Construction

Development News
26 schools including 5 preschools, are being constructed in the nine sub zones of Northern Red Sea region.
Expanding educational opportunities and services to all citizens.


As part of the effort being conducted to expand educational services, 26 schools including 5 preschools, are being constructed in the nine sub zones of the Northern Red Sea region.

About 80 percent of the project so far concluded, according to the regional administration.

The announcement was made at the six month activity assessment meeting the Northern Red Sea (NRS) regional administration conducted on 7 August in the port city of Massawa.

At the meeting reports on the activities conducted in the sectors of social service,
agricultural development as well as infrastructure and others were presented.

It was also indicated that potable water projects in Erafale and Gelalo have been completed. construction of micro-dams in Gindae sub zone including MaiHabar, Hatsut, Tseret, Dengolo, and Adi-Shuma is being effectively implemented, and water diversion schemes in AdiShuma have also been renovated.

Regarding the agriculture sector, experts indicated that farmers in Shieb, Massawa, Gindae and Forosub zones have prepared their farmlands for cultivation in the coming rainy season, and that thanks to the integrated effort on the part of farmers and professionals, the breakout of locusts in the area was successfully contained.

In the health sector, the Northern Red Sea region stated that mother and child mortality rate has declined. It was also reported that commendable healthcare awareness rising campaigns are being conducted and that progress is being registered in environmental
sanitation activities.

In this regard, a call was made for enhanced effort to prevent the prevalence of diseases in the region.

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, the Governor of the Northern Red Sea region, Brig. Gen. Tekle Libsu, pointed out that in the last six months various activities have been successfully implemented and said focus will be given for the immediate alleviation of potable water problems in Dahlak sub zone and for the renovation of Gindae trenches.