Okubay Tsegay Wins Changchun Marathon 2017

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Eritrean Okubay Tsegay wins the Changchun Marathon 2017
Eritrean Okubay Tsegay Gebretnsae wins the Changchun International Marathon 2017 that was held in China at a time of 2 hours, 14 minutes and 50 seconds. His countryman Debesay Bahlbi claim 3rd. 


Okubay Tsegay Gebretnsae from Eritrea finished first here on Sunday in Changchun International Marathon, in which thirty thousand runners took part.

Gebretnsae clocked 2 hours, 14 minutes and 50 seconds for his men’s marathon title in Northeast China’s Changchun City, beating Mongolian Jamsranolonbayar into the second place.

Wakwoyayadenioliksa, who came from Ethiopia, won the women’s game with 2:48:10. Chinese athletes Zhang Junli and Wang Qianwen finished the second and the third places respectively.

The Changchun Marathon included six events: marathon, half marathon, 10km, 5km, a home run competition and a lovers run race.

30,000 runners from 21 countries and regions competed together for the first edition of the competition, which was held by The Chinese Athletics Association (CAA), Changhcun Municipal Government and Changchun sports bureau.

CAA held 328 marathon competitions in 2016 all around China. But the officials said that Changchun had special significance as developing both ski marathons and the summer ones.

Changchun was known for holding the Vasaloppet, the annual long distance cross-country skiing race launched in Sweden in 1922, since 2004.

Changchun International Marathon Results

Following are the final results of the Changchun International Marathon 2017:

The men’s marathon:

1 Okubay Tsegay Gebretnsae, Eritrea, 2:14:50
2 Jamsranolonbayar, Mongolia, 2:22:49
3 Debesay Tsige Bahlbi, Eritrea, 2:23:18

The women’s marathon:

1 Wakwoyayadenioliksa, Ethiopia, 2:48:10
2 Zhang Junli, China, 2:51:52
3 Wang Qianwen, China, 3:02:16