Patriotic Ginbot 7 Claims Responsibility for Southern Ethiopia Attack

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Patriotic Ginbot 7 Berhanu Nega
Ethiopian armed opposition group Patriotic Ginbot 7 took responsibility for the surprise attack in Arba Minch that killed over 20 regime soldiers.

By ESAT News,

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy on Thursday took responsibility for the attack in Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia against the regime’s forces that resulted in the death of over 20 soldiers and inflicted serious injuries to at least 50.

In a statement it sent to the Ethiopian Satellite Television ESAT, the armed group opposing the regime in Addis Ababa said its forces in Southern Ethiopia had carried out the guerrilla style attack between May 7 and 11, 2016.

The statement said the Patriotic forces had killed 20 regime soldiers. The Movement said there were also some causalities on its side.

It said the struggle against the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia would be carried out in all directions; and it is in no way confined to the country’s northern border.

Speaking to ESAT from Eritrea, Chairman of the Movement Prof. Berhanu Nega said the attack in Arba Minch, which is Southern part of the country is an indication of the beginning of the fight in all directions and areas of the country. He said the TPLF led minority regime has been saying it would be attacked from the north but the surprise attack in Arba Minch from South had proven the regime is wrong.

Prof. Nega also said the attack in the south by the gallant Patriotic forces was a sign that the fight against the forces of tyranny could be carried out anywhere in the country.

“We are proud of the skills and tactics displayed by the young patriots in guerrilla warfare,” said the statement issued by the Movement.


The Ethiopian government on Thursday alleged that it has foiled what it described as a “plot” by “Eritrean mercenaries” who have traveled all the way from Asmara to Uganda via a plane and crossed the common border to Kenya to stage an attack in Abra Minch, a town in the Southern part of Ethiopia.

The Arba Mich fairy-tale attack explained.

The terrorists first traveled to Uganda, and they made their way to Kenya before they arrived at their final destination, Southern Ethiopia,” an Ethiopian official told Sudan Tribune confirming further that his forces captured most of the armed fighters with their armaments and killed unspecified number of those who tried to escape.

Ethiopian officials don’t seem bothered to make their preposterous claim some how logic driven. At times, they want their story to sound like Eritrea sent plane load of rebels and weapons to Uganda, [with or without Ugandan government knowledge], while at later times, they tweak the story to sound a bit like Eritrea send plane load of rebels via Uganda using a falsified documents.

Whichever way they pull it, their whole effort to attach Eritrea to the attack by the anti-government forces makes their make-believe story even ridiculous.  In any case, if the whole exercise doesn’t create the image of Eritrea as a regional force to be reckoned with already, it certainly does made the 1978 Mosad’s Entebbe Operation a minuscule in comparison. What a futile exercise.