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UNDP is proud to be a key partner of choice for Eritrea
UNDP is proud to be a key partner of choice for the Government of the State of Eritrea on its ambitious path towards national development agenda


ERITREA has taken notable steps forward over the past two decades, including significant progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially those related to health. This was demonstrated during a recent side even at the UN general assembly supported by the UN.

Though challenges still exist, the country is working hard to improve its national capacity in all areas. The achievements made towards advancing the situation of women and enhancing the well-being of the most vulnerable Eritreans, especially those in the rural areas, are notable and should be appreciated.

It is clear that the Government is committed to sustaining these gains while pursuing its national development agenda, which aims to reduce poverty levels, expand national capacity, increase food security and support environmental sustainability. UNDP is proud to be a key partner of choice for the Government of the State of Eritrea on this ambitious path.

We signed the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework in 2013 and the country continues to collaborate with UNDP and its sister agencies.

Within this climate of cooperation, UNDP is poised to work closely with the Government to realize its development aspirations. We at UNDP fully support Government ownership, accountability and transparency, and our programming is designed to accommodate and encourage the Government’s strong desire to drive its own development agenda. Working together, this approach will enable efficient, effective and sustainable progress towards equitable development. Our close and ongoing collaboration with other development partners is also key to supporting Eritrea on its development journey.

This publication illustrates our work on the ground – through the achievements we’ve made over the years and the images and voices of Eritreans working with UNDP to foster sustainable development, encourage inclusive green growth and strengthen the nation’s institutions.

Looking ahead, we will continue to work with the Government of the State of Eritrea and our partners, especially our donors work towards the eradication of poverty and encourage significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion. Our shared vision is to look beyond 2015 and begin to address the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Eritrea.

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