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By TesfaNews,

This project of resort in a desert island of Dahlak archipelago is led by Qatari Diar and consists of luxury villas and bungalows. The project actually started around 2007 when Qatari Diar and Eritrean govenment signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

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The main contractor of the project was a Kuwaiti Company known as Kuwait First Logistic Company (KFLC). The entire engineering supervision work is done by EDESSA group, which is appointed by Qatari Diar. In 2008 the project was stopped due to labor dispute and the Kuwaiti firm KFLC was replaced by VINCI Construction a French multination which struck a joint venture agreement with Qatari Diar.

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Construction resumed at the begining of 2009 by VINCI. The Qatari Emir Shiek Al-Thani told the CEO of VINCI that he wants to build a better facility tourist Island better than Sharmal Sheik of Egypt on the Dahlak Island.

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EDESSA group also involved in a number of conceptual designs projects in Eritrea apart from the Dahlak resort project. These includes:

·         Assessment of sites for hotels in Asmara

·         Design of the transformation of the Asmara School of Art into a Boutique Hotel

·         Design of the Qatari Diar offices in Asmara

·         Dahlak Island Master Plan

·         Design of the Red Sea Hotel Refurbishment in Massawa

·         Design of the Bank of Italy refurbishment into an all suite hotel in Massawa

·         Assessment of a beach resort in Gurgusum

·         Master Plan of the old City of Massawa

·         Conceptual studies on the Torino Hotel in Massawa

·         Architectural Assessment of the Imperial Palace in Massawa

·         Architectural Assessment of the Old Souk of Massawa

·         Geological appraisal of a cement quarry site in Adailo

·         Geological appraisal of a marble quarry site in Gogne

·         Geological appraisal of a Granite quarry site Gheleb