Praising the People of Eritrea

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If there is one thing the people of Eritrea proved to the world, it is the fact that Eritreans know how to fight any war and, their ability to fight back the text book of wars line by line and come out on top

How is Eritrea able to withstand all the external pressure and yet create a platform whereby a formidable economic trajectory is in place? It's the PEOPLE stupid!
How is Eritrea able to withstand all the external pressure and yet create a platform whereby a formidable economic trajectory is in place? It’s the PEOPLE stupid!

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

Eritrea has been and remains in a state of war since the aggressive determinations of the TPLF, to “Weaken Eritrea to submission”, started in 1998.

Initially, they waged a full scale war and when that failed, they shifted to a, “No War no Peace” strategy designed to gradually obliterate Eritrea from existence. In a nut shell, according to a pro TPLF website Tigrayonline, their strategy is to strangulate Eritrea politically, isolate Eritrea internationally and to weaken Eritrea militarily. The site bragged, “Ethiopia’s no war no peace strategy is draining Eritrea’s economy leaving it in shambles” through a strategy that targeted to have 95% of the Eritrean youth in the front lines to drive-up direct military related expenditures and, to encourage massive displacement of Eritrea’s populations. 

Of course, these beggars could not afford to feed their country let alone wage a protracted war against the people of Eritrea if it isn’t for their Western masters that tried to use them to gain strategic advantages in the region. The true nature of the TPLF/Weyane criminal-junta was exposed however, in the region and across, for selling-out Eritrea, Ethiopia and Africa in general. What they planned for the people of Eritrea was a total annihilation. If it was up to them, and if able, they would not have hesitated to eradicate every breathing Eritrean using a weapon of mass destruction. Their sinister motives were deadly. And they have shown that they are capable to take any action without hesitation. Eritrea faced a true enemy that thought to destroy her without mercy by using any means necessary.

Moreover, the West led by the US , outsourced their dirty work to these thugs cognizant that the Weyane thugs will sell or do anything for power and greed. The TPLF thugs were the best candidates money can buy. Worse yet, the West thought, that the Weyane thugs would have an advantage over Eritrea since they believed, they have intimate knowledge of the people and understanding of the language in Eritrea .

After years of depending on TPLF thugs to do their dirty deeds, the West appears to have finally realized that TPLF is incapable to hold on to the people of Tigray, the very constituency that propelled them to power, let alone control Eritrea . Hence, the West took matters on their hands and pursued their agendas with vigor. Short of military attack, the West tried everything to destabilize Eritrea . Led by the US , the West attacked the people, government, leaders and the legacy of the brave nation mercilessly.

Note: The agenda of TPLF is Western agenda; they own and funded it.

The agenda aimed at the people of Eritrea is designed to suppress, demoralize, divide, disintegrate and frustrate Eritreans to submission. It is to rob the nation of its core by draining her human resources capacity and future leaders. To that end, they have targeted Eritrea ’s youth and, to sow discord amongst the population’s religious communities and ethnic groups, they have assigned disgruntled elements of the society to do the dirty work.

The main objective of the agenda, whether it targets the government, the people, the leader(s), the economy or the military; it is to render the people to submission. It is undeclared act of war designed to take over a nation, plunder its rich resources, to control the geographically strategic location and exploit the country’s suitable climate and shores.

Hence, the people of Eritrea found themselves in a war imposed upon them criminally, unjustly and mercilessly; pointless, costly and seemingly endless war not of their making. Text books of strategies of war were applied line by line. Every warfare, PSYOP tactic and trick that worked in many places around the world and succeeded was tried on Eritrea . And it all failed. Why?

If there is one thing the people of Eritrea proved to the world, it is the fact that Eritreans know how to fight any war and, their ability to fight back the text book of wars line by line and come out on top.

For example in 2000, due to drought the Horn of Africa region experienced, the UN allotted food aid to the countries in the region. However, Eritrea ’s portion of it was denied by one nation. This happened right after the bloody war of 2000. It is proof that this dirty deed is not done for the good of the people of Eritrea . It was done in malice to create instability at a time when Ethiopia occupied Eritrea’s fertile land. However, the people of Eritrea did not fall for it. The government of Eritrea was then forced to buy the food from the open market.

The agenda of destabilizing Eritrea with a multifaceted strategy that is designed to work concurrently is supposed to hit Eritreans from many angles. It is designed to constantly surprise, keep them in suspense and on the defensive. It is to render Eritreans helpless. The enemies believed, that will ultimately lead to submission; result they desperately seek.

Obviously they failed and failed on many fronts. They failed because they underestimated the resolve of the people of Eritrea . They underestimated the benefits of the experience brought about by decades of struggle in quest of self-determination. They underestimated the hardened military experience that taught Eritrea the nature of wars and how to fight them, successfully. They underestimated a leadership attitude that can withstand the adversities of war, a principled incorruptible leadership that can focus on the bigger prize rather than short term gains. While, overestimating their abilities, their international prowess, their PR expertise and minions they entrusted to defeat Eritreans. But they failed.

They failed and Eritrea is going strong fifteen years removed from the six months they prophesied it will cease to exist. Eritrea has turned corners for the better. Contrary to the claims of doom and gloom, constant barrage of bad news designed to demonize, malicious accusations designed to layer up unsubstantiated accusations with intent to penalize; Eritreans are foiling every threat and clearing the path for the future in a manner unseen anywhere in Africa or, the world for that matter.

The transformation that has taken place in Eritrea is awesome considering the age of this beautiful nation. Relative to our neighbors, particularly when one considers the amount of donations say for example Ethiopia receives, Eritrea is shining from the ground up without handouts by believing on itself. The bottom up approach to development and commitment to social justice is bearing mighty fruit across the board. Eritrea’s commitment to education, equal access to healthcare and social services is transforming every aspect of Eritrea ’s social and geographic make up.

In Eritrea , the transformation of the topography and the cities is readily evident all around the country. One can travel from Aligidir-Tesenei, near the border of Sudan , to Emba-Derho in the outskirts of the city of Asmara and all one sees is city after city. These transient villages were, in most cases, resided by nomadic tribes. But now, there exists no city without electricity, modern schools and clinics. The major cities have major hospitals. Most exhilarating however, is to see students in uniforms, walking to and back from school in city after another. It is now difficult to tell major city from emergent ones. Tesenei, Barentu, Akordat and Keren are major anchor cities abuzz with energy.

One of the most revealing evidence that Eritrea has changed for good and for the better is by looking at the way people dress. Twenty years ago, one can tell if someone is from the villages or the city simply by looking at the way they dressed and their demeanor. Today, in Eritrea , there is no way one can tell if someone is from Asmara or outside the city.

Furthermore, one can travel from city to city throughout the entire nation and witness the availability of produce and related consumer goods in abundance in shopping areas everywhere. Seasonal fruits are abundant as well. Why, because the government and people of Eritrea made a conscious choice and effort to build dams and used it to transform the nation.

One can drive to the outskirts of Asmara to a hidden village on top of a mountain like Laguien and uncover the secret why Eritrea will thrive. In 2001, the Government of Eritrea (GoE) completed a dam project under the village. Today the dam is full to capacity as a result, Laguien is full of farmers growing grains and produce year around that supplies the city of Asmara . The transformation of the village is physical, economic, social as well as personal to the residents for, it has provided stable, healthy and green living environment that enabled them to provide for their families uninterrupted.

Eritrea’s strategies are unique, indigenous and unflappable by any wave of international economic upheavals. Eritrea has also demonstrated that it is solid nation capable to withstand external military, political, economic as well as PR pressures. In fact, what Eritrea endured over the last decade should have made Eritrea the Biafra of the Horn of Africa. For, the attacks were unremitting and vicious on all fronts. Yet, Eritrea is plugging away success after another.

A South African diplomat in Eritrea Mr. Iqbal Jhazbhay said, “ Eritrea is one of the few African states to meet the millennium development goals in maternal health, child mortality, and the reduction of malaria, TB and HIV infections.”

Recent news regarding Maternal Health progress in Eritrea released by UNDP demonstrates why Eritrea is achieving life-standard-betterment far-above the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) set by the UN.

Firstly, it is evidence that Eritrea is able to access the population no matter where they may be. A direct result of the investment made on infrastructures, both physical and social that includes roads, hospitals, and schools. Secondly, it is a testament to the people’s will to change their living standard, a reflection of their commitment and, to that end, expressed by result oriented hard work.

Eritrea is definitely going to exceed MDG expectations and reach high developmental stages soon. It is inevitable and just a matter of time because Eritrea is endowed with rich resources and sits in one of the best strategic locations of the globe. Recent reports by mining companies and resident ambassadors in Eritrea have echoed that sentiment. Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay who wrote,

Based on my experience thus far in Eritrea , the long road to development has just taken off, but with the key firmly in the ignition.”



For any nation, security is determinant to the life of the people in that nation. For Eritrea , security is the business of every Eritrean. In Eritrea today, every Eritrean is capable to stand in defense of the nation, professionally and at the highest of levels because Eritreans are trained well. In Africa and many places around the world, the notion of a population armed is a cause for instability, bloodshed and civil strife. However, in Eritrea, it is a necessity because that is the only way to counter the offensive from countries that are willing to expend millions of their population recklessly as witnessed by Ethiopia’s past offensive actions against the people of Eritrea. The people of Eritrea have embraced this notion of collective security in every aspect of their life.

To get there, the people embraced the legacies of the struggle led by the EPLF, with the credo, “The masses must be aware, organized and armed.” Hence, Eritreans conduct their life based on this notion.

The beauty of this way of life is expressed on the daily lives of Eritreans everywhere in Eritrea . One can travel anywhere in Eritrea in thick darkness and fear no crime. A group on tour in the Filfil-Solomonna-Skiline Drive witnessed one Caucasian biker alone on the hills. Eritrea is a secured nation, security- ensured by every citizen where foreign representatives can reside pleasantly without fear and with nominal security.

Peace, when ensured by the public, is a foundation and catalyst for economic prosperity of a nation. In Eritrea economic security is national security. To ensure that economic security and to rebuild the nation from the negative condition they found the nation after independence; it required a disciplined approach to governance, commitment to self-reliance, dedication, selflessness and hard work.

The people of Eritrea delivered, systematically, by planting one tree and building one dam at a time. Across the nation, once eroded land is replanted to avoid erosion turning deserted areas into lush green. Desert areas have turned to fertile farmlands transforming the entire Zoba (region) thus, their economies and living standards.

The West manipulates Africa with the stomach, primarily. If a nation cannot feed the public it is bound to be dependent on food aid. That is the case with most African countries afflicted by persistent food shortages because they failed to invest on agriculture while the West subsidizes farming. Hence, in Africa , when a nation is able to feed itself it is a major achievement. What the people of Eritrea have done is layer up on the economic successes on top of the agricultural achievements understanding every achievement towards economic independence is tantamount to freedom from colonialism.

Eritrea’s advantages and opportunities are endless. Eritrea ’s resources are also boundless. What Eritrea needed was infrastructure and human resource capacity to cover all the sectors. That meant construction, engineering, medicine, tourism, education etc… In less than then 21 years, while under tremendous duress Eritrea managed to hit the ground running and trained or retrained the entire population to lay foundations for institutional infrastructures.

Tremendous demonization of Eritrea ’s service program was conducted by the enemies; the program however, should be emulated by other African and developing countries as a model. Upon arrival in Asmara International Airport , one is greeted with a smile and cleared from immigration by service men and women professionally and meticulously. The enemies can demonize all they want, the reality however, these service men and women love what they do and they are the future of Eritrea ’s emigration department. At Gerset Dam, a service man from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture is in charge of the facilities. This is true in every sector be it medicine or education.

This means that Eritrea can produce the skills necessary to build and nurture the country, and over time, with experience, these skills will be refined. The very fact that Eritrea can produce skilled labor will enable the country to sustain all sectors, reversing the brain drain that plagued Africa for decades.

The question, how and why did Eritrea manage to successfully implement and execute this massive undertaking? Why is Eritrea able to withstand all the external pressure and yet create a platform whereby a formidable economic trajectory is in place? How did Eritrea manage to word off enemies while at the same time manage to rebuild a ruined country?

The secret lies on the heart, soul, bravery, brilliance, valiance, commitment, selflessness, humbleness, kindness, fearlessness and sacrifices of the people.

Eritrea is a country of people that can think of life-standards and living based on the highest human expectations and thought processes.

It is because, Eritrea is indebted to those who gave life for her, committed to repay in kind by making Eritrea the example and beacon of hope that they were. In their honor!

It is because Eritrea is a family unit that believes on the unity and sovereignty of Eritrea without compromises.

It is because Eritrea is a family that experiences the joys, the trials and tribulations as one, at the same time and no matter where they may be.

It is all because of the people of Eritrea and there is nothing any one can do about it! Awet-N-hafash is always equal to Victory is certain!

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