President Al Bashir Concludes Three Days State Visit to Eritrea

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Sudan-Eritrea relation will serve as a model to other African countries to follow
Sudan-Eritrea relation will serve as a model to other African countries to follow

By Sudan Vision,

President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir and the delegation accompanying returned to the country after concluding a three-day visit to Eritrea in which the president debated with President Isaias Afewerki, Eritrean president, the development of bilateral relations as well as reinforcing mutual interests.

The president was received in Khartoum International Airport by Ali Osman Mohammed Taha, first Vice president, and a number of high ranking government officials. 

In a press release at Khartoum International Airport, Majid Yousif, Sudanese ambassador to Eritrea, described the president’s visit to Asmara as successful and was aimed at enhancing bilateral relations and border security between the two countries and regionally.

The talks also focused a number of other issues with a view to turn the Sudanese Eritrean relations into a model for African countries to follow, said the ambassador.

The talks, the ambassador continued, also focused on relations between Sudan and South Sudan including the latest developments in an effort to underpin stability and security, and the two sides were in agreement that all issues can be dealt with through bilateral dialogue.

During the talks in Asmara, the two presidents stressed on the importance of joint work and agreed on having safe and open borders between the two countries and their peoples; shaping each other’s strategic depth.

Also, the two sides agreed to form two committees between Khartoum and Asmara to follow up on the implementation of the agreements reached.

The common geographical and social characteristics as well as the common destiny and other shared features place Sudan and Eritrea on one front to face similar challenges, said president Al Bashir.

Al Bashir went on to say that Sudan and Eritrea renewed their emphasis on the importance of solidifying security in the region and added, “We are determined to stabilize security in our respective countries and elsewhere and the continuous communication and consultation between Sudan and Eritrea allow for that goal to be fulfilled permanently. These relations also allow for safeguarding the borders, activating commercial exchange, and facilitating citizens’ movement to attain the final goal of realizing integration in the area.

Our task as governments is to make it easy for the peoples to interact and communicate in every respect, said the president.

The two presidents, Al Bashir and Afewerki, agreed that inspection must carried out on the organizations which supply assistance to the two countries to verify that what is being provided is actually humanitarian assistance, not what might be poisonous assistance shrouded in special agendas.

What we want from the outside world is to stop their unsavory interventions, Al Bashir said and added, “Western countries do not wish us well. Their interventions, whether through organizations or outwardly charitable organizations, masquerade as charitable but in reality are full of various torments for our peoples. And all of these organizations enter our countries with agendas that they know are way different than what the people of the region are hoping for.”

The president also briefed president Afewerki on the latest developments on relations with South Sudan and the reasons which led the government to take recent decisions to stop cooperation agreements with South Sudan.

Ali Karti, Sudanese foreign minister, detailed the results of the talks between the Sudanese and Eritrean presidents.

A dialogue on the future of the Sudan South Sudan issue and the future of the region as a whole was undertaken to discuss how the peoples of the region can cooperate to avert these kinds of situations which can affect the security of the region as a whole and the interests of their peoples, said the minister.

The talks between the two presidents resulted on establishing free zones on the Sudanese Eritrean border as well as extending the highway linking Sudan and Eritrea to reach all the way from Garora to Port Sudan and ensure the ease of movement, the minister elaborated and added, “Mechanisms were formed and it was agreed to form committees as well to follow up on the implementation of these plans. It was also agreed to review the inhabitants’ movement between the two countries to reach a stage where citizens of both countries can travel between Sudan and Eritrea using normal identity cards instead of multiple documents and visas.”

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President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir arrives here on official visit

By Shabait,

(Asmara, 13 June 2013) – The President of the Republic of Sudan, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir, arrived in Asmara today on an official visit to Eritrea.

On arrival at Asmara International Airport, he was accorded warm welcome by President Isaias Afwerki accompanied by a Guard of Honor.

During his stay, President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir would hold talks with President Isaias on reinforcing bilateral relations and regional as well as international issues and developments of mutual interest to both countries.


Presidents Isaias and Omar Hassan Al-Beshir hold talks focusing on bilateral relations and cooperation

By Shabait,

(Asmara, 14 June 2013) – Presidents Isaias Afwerki and Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir yesterday held the first round of talks at the State House focusing on fostering bilateral relations and issues of mutual interest to both countries.

In line with the prevailing strong ties and cooperation, the two leaders conducted in-depth discussion pertaining to the reinforcement of programs that would give higher impetus to the existing bilateral cooperation in the domains of trade, transport, tourism, education and health.

Moreover, they agreed to further deepen and strengthen the on-going cooperation between the neighboring Eritrean and Sudanese regions under the guidance and follow-up of both leaders.

Meanwhile, President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir and members of his delegation today attended prayer service at Al-Khulafae Al-Rasheedin Mosque here in the capital in the company of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh. In remarks he made on the occasion, the President noted that the relations between the Eritrean and Sudanese peoples is historic, and that it plays vital role in ensuring the interests of both nations, as well as security of the region. The Sudanese President further asserted that the leadership of the two countries would exert the necessary effort towards elevating such relations to the highest level.

Moreover, President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir conducted a tour of the privately owned Zaer Textiles Factory, the Precast Factory in Asha-Golgol and Asmara Flowers in Mai-Sirwa. In the course of the tour, President Omar Al-Beshir received briefings by experts and managers regarding the activities of the firms and their future work plans.

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Sudan, Mr. Ali Ahmed Kerti, told Erina that what the delegation witnessed during the tour attests to the vigorous endeavors being exerted by the Eritrean people and their leadership, as well as the investment being made on the basis of internal capacity.

It is to be recalled that on arrival at Asmara International Airport yesterday on a 3-day official visit, the Sudanese leader, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir, was accorded warm welcome by President Isaias Afwerki along with a Guard of Honor.

Presidents Isaias and Omar Hassan Al-Beshir hold second-round talks

By Shabait,

Asmara, 15 June 2013 – Presidents Isaias Afwerki and Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir today held second-round talks at the State House regarding bilateral relations and regional issues.

They conducted discussion on bilateral cooperation at the national level, as well as between the neighboring regions of both countries, besides the prevailing misunderstanding between the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan. Moreover, the two leaders reached understanding for both Eritrea and the Republic of Sudan to work together focusing on maintaining the agreement as regards continuation of fuel export from South Sudan and the development of relations between the two Sudans. And this in view of the fact that the existence of close and strong ties between the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan is of vital importance not only for the benefit of both of them but also for the peace and stability of the Horn region.

Following the meeting of the two leaders, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Osman Saleh, and Foreign Minister Ali Kerti of the Republic of Sudan told reporters that the visit of Field Marshal Omar Hassan Al-Beshir was successful, and that a joint committee has been set up to oversee the implementation of the projects underway on the basis of the understanding previously reached between the two countries.

Meanwhile, in continuation of the tour he conducted to different enterprises yesterday, President Omar Hassan Al-Beshir in the morning hours visited the Geographic Information System (GIS) Center here in the capital, during which he received briefings by managers and experts accompanied by video show.

The Sudanese leader left for home in the afternoon hours today concluding his 3-day official visit to Eritrea. He was seen off by President Isaias Afwerki, Ministers and the Sudanese Ambassador to Eritrea.

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