President Calls for UN Investigation in to Trafficking of Eritreans

“We call on UN to launch an independent investigation so as to bring to justice the culpable parties,” PIA


The President of the State of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, today called for the United Nations to launch an independent and transparent investigation on Human Trafficking against Eritreans which he described it as something that goes from ‘bad to worse.’

In his letter addressed to UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon, he vowed that, in collaboration with the world body,  his country will do all it can to stem and eliminate the perpetrators who commit such a  hideous crime against its citizens. [Read the letter below:]

Asmara, 5 February 2013

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
The United Nations
New York

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

For the past ten years or so, Eritrea has remained to be a target of malicious and concerted practices of “human trafficking“. This despicable ploy was unleashed in tandem with the decision to block the implementation of the “final and binding” arbitration decision of the border dispute, and, is part and parcel of the war declared against the country. This crime, which is unparalleled in its magnitude, complex organization as well as immense suffering that it inculcates on its victims, continues to increase from bad to worse.

The architects of this scourge have further resorted to various schemes, under suitable labels  to conceal and disguise the crime as well as their real identity. Indeed, the latter machinations are not less – in intensity and impact – than the original crime.

As Your Excellency will agree with me, the Government of Eritrea has statutory obligations, as well as universal moral and humanitarian responsibilities, to stem and eliminate the perpetration of the hideous “slavery” and flagrant violation of human rights meted on its citizens. In the event, the Government of Eritrea emphatically requests the UN to launch an independent and transparent investigation of this abominable affair so as to bring to justice the culpable parties.


Isaias Afwerki

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