President Isaias Awards Winners of the 2011 African Cycling Championship (VIDEO)

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President of the continent's Cycling Powerhouse proudly standing in the middle of the continent's best and fearsome cyclists

By Shabait,

President of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, has awarded winners of the 7th African Cycling championship that was conducted in the capital Asmara from 9th to 13th November, 2011.

Additional prizes were also handed to members of the Eritrean National Cycling Federation, and reporters from the Ministry of Information.

In the awarding ceremony that took place at Asmara Place Hotel yesterday, the President congratulated the Eritrean people on the victory scored by the cyclists, and indicated that the victory scored attests to the existing  capacity of athletes in the country. However, he cautioned against complacence over the victories scored last year and this year in the African Championship. President Isaias further asserted that the Eritrean athletes would attain victory in World Championship.

Furthermore, he called on the athletes to continue the victories scored in African Championship, and reminded the Eritrean National Cycling Federation to step up its efforts towards fostering more youths and promote the strengthening of sports activities in all the Administrative regions.

Mr. Samson Solomon, coach of the national men’s cycling team, said on his part that government incentive to cycling competition reinforces the capacity of the cyclists, and that they will strive to achieve more victories.

Ten (10) members of the national men’s cycling team were awarded 110,000 Nakfa (US$7,000) each, Coach Samson Solomon 80,000 Nakfa, and nine (9) cyclists from the national women’s cycling team were awarded 50,000 Nakfa each and their coach Musie Ashel 70,000 Nakfa. Likewise, the Eritrean National Cycling Federation was awarded 1.1 million Nakfa. Reporters from the Ministry of Information who gave good coverage to the event also received awards.

The Historic Moment in Picture: Eritrea becomes the Continent’s dominant cycling nation for the second time in row by winning all the gold medals in the men’s race. Natnael Berhane is now the 2011 African Cycling Champion. Amen!