President Names New Information Minister

New government Spokesperson Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel
THE RIGHT CHOICE. Meet the new Minister of Information and government Spokesperson Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel

By TesfaNews,

SOURCES from Asmara confirmed that Mr. Yemene Gebremeskel has been promoted to a Minister of Information, effective immediately.

Mr. Yemane G/Meskel is a very experienced, capable and arguably one of the most educated government officials who is also very well connected to the social media through @hawelti

Until his time of transfer, Mr. Yemane was serving as Director of the Office of the President.

In what seems to be a perfect coincidence, the BBC World News has been allowed to film inside the country around same time Mr. Yemane assumed his new post. The last time BBC reported from inside Eritrea was in September 2004.

The information Ministry’s top post has been vacant since former Minister Ali Abdu fled the country to Australia three years ago. He was the government’s spokesman and censor-in-chief who is believed to be responsible for the arrest of many of the  journalists in the country.

Ali Abdu also orders the expulsion of the BBC from Eritrea.

Ali Abdu was also suspected of leaking sensitive government information to diaspora based Eritrean opposition media outlets such as that includes the entire Eritrean Martyrs Database.

The assistant editor-in-chief for, Saleh Younis, is Ali Abdu’s brother.

In 2013, U.S. Intelligence Contractor Stratfor confirms that Eritrean opposition websites, including, are CIA backed and Ethiopia’s ruling party TPLF friendly.

The challenge awaiting Minister Yemane G. Meskel is insurmountable. Eritreans are now starting to put a lot of faith for him to practice and promote a number of changes to the country’s media landscape including independent media and strong media works.

Congratulations and we wish you all the success.