Why Principled and Dedicated Patriots are Attacked

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patriot Michael Teklay and traitor Elsa
Winners see the gain while losers see the pain.

By Members of Hafash – North London,

We, the members of Eritrean Hafash (masses) in North London, just like all the Eritrean masses all over the world, have been engaged in telling the Commission of Inquiry (COI) enough is enough and set the record straight.

We now realize that our effort has angered some individuals, who have been active supporters of the politically motivated body and contributed in the fabrication of the 500 pages report. This person known by the name of Elsa Chyrum, has attempted to manage her anger by character assassination of Michael Teklay, a principled and dedicated patriot. 

We are writing this not to reply to her madness or as though what she says, has any relevance but to highlight why individuals who embodys the values and stand strong for national interest, are often the target of character assassination. Let us now have a look at the audacity of Chyrum and her likes, who attempt to insult those who made sacrifice for their country.

These individuals cannot only point to any contribution they have done for Eritrea but are persons with shameful history of aiding enemies.

In our culture, one’s good deed are celebrated after passing away, hence without getting into details, we would like to mention few facts how, our comrade, Michael Teklay, is the embodiment of the values of Hzbawi Gnbar in the eyes of Eritrean patriots in the UK. Born into family of Hzbawi Gnbar, from the age of a young child until this, Michael has always put his nation and the front first.

This is not the first time, Michael has become a subject of character assassination. In the era of “We were defeated by the weyane” and the Gs, he was one of those who stood strong and therefore a subject of abuse in Asmarino website by individuals who were yet within the front (Gnbar) and used a nick name, Abeba Musie.

Michael is grassroots activists who can mobilize the hafash. Throughout the years, he sacrificed much of his time mobilizing the hafash – person to person, house to house mobilization – in projects defeating the weyane and national events.

He has always been at the fore front of all national events from the start to the end, doing the jobs that do not even allow to actually see the event – from security to looking out for children throughout the event. Always amongst the few, who shoulder picking up all the pieces.

Michael is also the one at the forefront a calming figure in times of confusion and when things seem to be not going our way. It is during these times the phone calls come from all direction of London. He engages with all Eritreans including all ages in attempt to unite around national interest, which is a quality which those who do not agree with him also admire. He engages well with Eritrean youth both in YPFDJ and wider youth.

His unwavering and fearless stand when it comes to national interest and hzbawi gnbar is one that is much admired by hafash but despised by those with different agenda. Having equipped himself with the values of hzbawi, he takes nothing personal and laughs off when weak individuals, attempt misrepresenting him to fit their character assassination.

Michael is an activist who leads by example and does not shy away from expressing his views for purpose of better results.

Michael’s dedication, his mobilization and organisation skills are also utilized for both good and particularly bad times of members of our society. He is to be found playing a leading role in supporting those in need by mobilizing and organizing undertakings including fund raising.

Michael was born in Hzbawi Gnbar and no doubt will end as Hzbawi Gnbar defending and promoting Eritrean identity and national interest. No doubt like all his bitsot, he will be there at the grassroots in the way of those who try to undermine Eritrean national interest and no form of character assassination can change that.

For now we hope with this brief writing, will serve in highlighting why principled and dedicated patriots are attacked; and also serve as a beginning in celebrating the contribution and dedication of comrades whom we do not appreciate enough until we are awaken by enemies.