Pro-Unity Website Asmarino Apologizes for Covering Lies

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Owner of Mr. Tesfaldet Meharena and Ethiopia's Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa
Owner of Mr. Tesfaldet Meharena and Ethiopia’s Late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Addis Ababa

By Ghirmawi,, a pro-unity, anti-Eritrea misinformation website that has been under the bankrolling of CIA and the minority regime in Ethiopia, has caught many Eritreans by surprise after it has posted an apology to its handful of misinformed followers for the lies, rather they call it “unverified news”, that they have been propagating since late last week as if that was an isolated fairytale story they have manufactured in their 12 years of existence that are characterized by lies and deceit.

The reason for the apology was not coming from failure “to verify” the news as they claim but rather from a desperate attempt to present themselves as trustworthy propaganda outlets in front of their dwindling number of nationalist Eritrean readers –  face saving at best.

As part of the ongoing psychological warfare against Eritreans, asmarino, awate and other mercenary sites has been tirelessly engaged in disseminating lies, which they have reinforced especially after the Lampedusa tragedy.

Their futile attempt to create mistrust between the Eritrean people and the military by inventing a bogus story about “TPDM” couldn’t nonetheless be bought by the ever conscious Eritrean masses.

After they have realized that they were screaming in a stage with no audience, now they are making a hopeless attempt to appear trust worthy through disassociating themselves from the very ‘news” they have created in the first place.

Here is how their apology note reads:

Asmarino: Unreserved apology for an unverified story it ran a few days ago
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 21:41

Asmarino would like to make an unreserved apology for an unverified story it ran a few days ago about a proposed memorial/funeral in Asmara thought to have been organised by the families of the victims of the Lampedusa tragedy. In hindsight, Asmarino could have tried harder to verify the source of the story that “emanated” from Eritrea, but due to time constraints, we deemed it necessarily to put the story out into the public domain and we did so in good faith. We would like to take this occasion also to remind those in the diaspora who submit articles to Asmarino to follow our posting guidelines. 

Here below is the “unverified lie” story that they have graciously run on their rumor mill website as breaking presented to their usual low self-esteemed readers to recycle it. Have fun reading it.

Eritrea: A message regarding the public memorial for Lampedusa Victims at the Martyer’s Cemetery in Asmara
Saturday, 09 November 2013 20:48

A message regarding the public memorial for Lampedusa Victims at the Martyer’s Cemetery in Asmara, planned for tomorrow has been circulating like wild fire throughout Asmara and further afield. This has inevitably become an issue of grave concern to Eritrean authorities who are currently deploying large number of army contingents from reservists of the 52nd and 53rd Divisions. The new deployments are reinforcing the Demhit (TPDM Ethiopian opposition) mercenaries who are already on duty patrolling Asmara.

Additionally the government is spreading rumours through its informal networks (known as 03 locally), stating that the new operation is under the command of General Philipos, renowned for his ruthlessness. The rumours state that the track record of the government is such that it has never tolerated any form of protest including that of the disabled veterans who were gunned down from the hilltops at Maihabar in 1994.

Responding to the rumours several elders are said to be encouraging the people stating: ‘we are only commemorating our dead, it is our cultural duty, if the President responds with cruelty, our children in the armed forces certainly wouldn’t collaborate in that, nor would they let the foreign soldiers harm us. Besides there is nothing we can do gripped by fear like this, we may be afraid of death but death is certainly not afraid of us, as we seem to die everywhere we end up’

Similarly the young people who have been at a standoff with the Demhit mercenaries for a week now are said to have determined to attend the memorial service come what may.

Meanwhile, insiders state that, the president who has been extremely anxious about tensions in Asmara is said to have passed a strict order, for the quelling of the move for a memorial service by any means necessary.

Asmara is caught between the people trying to assert their wish and the government trying to maintain control.

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