Qatar Airways to Launch Flights to Eritrea

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Travelers to and from Eritrea will soon enjoy the renowned five-star service from Qatar Airways
Travelers to and from Eritrea will soon enjoy the renowned five-star service from Qatar Airways

By TesfaNews,

World’s finest and fastest growing airline, Qatar Airways, has started preparation to commence its maiden flight to the Red Sea state of Eritrea in the coming months.

“We hope to come to Eritrea soon, if you would like to be considered submit your details now” was the message that reads on the career and opportunity page of the Airlines website that confirms the official recruitment drive for new Cabin Crews to its upcoming Eritrea flight.

What has been considered as a leak information earlier this week from Eritrea’s Ambassador to UAE, Mr. Simon Teklesenbet, is now certain that Asmara is going to be the newest destination for this five star airline.

As part of the airline’s aggressive route expansion strategy to fly to diverse cities, Asmara is yet another destination which is underserved and will benefit from new international flights.

“We identified Asmara as an underserved destination and now have the opportunity to bring this city into our fold,” said Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways CEO in an email reply today.

Eritrean skies will once again to get crowded with the commencement of another new airliner, Turkish Airlines, that probably start around the date that coincides the official opening of the first Turkish embassy in Asmara in the coming weeks.

Ankara’s first-ever envoy to Eritrea, Ambassador Firat Sunel, is already in Eritrea to make things work to that end.

Qatar is no stranger to investments in Eritrea. Over the years, the country has invested heavily on infrastructure, tourism and renovation projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Last month, Lufthansa announced its intention to temporarily terminate flights to Asmara until a new Air Traffic Agreement is signed between Eritrea and Germany.

However, with the commencement of these two world class, affordable flights to and from Asmara, the longtime unchallenged monopoly of Lufthansa airlines over the skies of Eritrea will come to its dead end.
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About Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has orders worth over US$ 40 billion for more than 200 aircraft, including Boeing 787s, 777s, Airbus A350s, A380s, A320 Family of aircraft and Bombardier corporate jets. The rapid expansion of Qatar Airways prompted the State of Qatar to embark on one of its biggest projects – the construction of a brand new international airport in Doha, which was opened to service in 2012.

This year, Qatar Airways plans to serve more than 120 key business and leisure destinations worldwide with a fleet of over 120 aircraft. Today, the airline’s fleet of over 100 aircraft flies to more than 100 destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.
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