Qatar Pledges to Finance Economic Free Zone along Eritrea-Sudan Border

Eritrea and Sudan herald the begining of a distinguished and exemplary relationship

By TesfaNews,

IN HIS continued and extraordinary bid to support additional joint border projects in the context of broadening the distinguished and exemplary relation between Eritrea and Sudan, the Emir of the gulf state Qatar this week pledges to fully finance the biggest economic Free Zone in Sudan along the border with Eritrea.

This was first disclosed earlier this week by President Al-Bashir while addressing a rally in Kassala Stadium in the presence of President Isaias and Emir of Qatar Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

The biggest free zone in Sudan will be established on our borders with Eritrea soon, “announced Al-Bashir, confirming Sudan’s readiness to completely remove all border crossing points with neighboring Eritrea to facilitate goods and commodities traffic, without restrictions.

Sudanese Minister of Sport, Mohammad Ahmad Ali praised the commitment made by Qatar to fund the free zone that aims in boosting the border trade between Sudan and Eritrea further. He pointed out that the visit made by the three leaders to Kassala has been well received and echoed positively among Sudanese.

During the inauguration of the continental road that link Sudan with Eritrea, President AlBashir also announced the end of an era of hostility and mistrust between Eritrea and Sudan once and for all.

Border tensions between Eritrea and Sudan has ended ‘forever’ and from now on, it will be exploited to exchange interests and boost development in the two countries,” adds Al-Bashir.

In May of this year, Sudan and Eritrea have agreed to open their common borders to facilitate passage between the two countries by only making use of ID cards. That effectively scrapped the need for entry visas and other obstacles that hinder smooth traffic between the two countries.