Radio Asena Says Bye Bye

Radio Asena - Rest in Peace
“This isn’t goodbye … we’ll certainly be back” – Radio Asena

By TesfaNews,

THE London based Eritrean opposition satellite radio program ‘Radio Asena‘ today broadcast for the last time and unplugged itself.

Founder and editor Amanuel Eyasu today officially announced that the unpopular satellite radio program will be discontinued effective immediately due to chronic lack of funding. 

“This isn’t goodbye … we’ll certainly be back,” said Amanuel in his lengthy emotional diatribe he posted in

The voice of Asena satellite radio program was believed to be established in February 2009 with a considerable financial assistance from the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Ever since its inception, the radio enjoys unreserved access to funds in exchange for promoting the Ethiopian agenda under the banner of an Eritrean opposition.

Due to its pro-Ethiopian agenda and a serious of controversies that engulf the radio program over its years of misinformation campaign against Eritrea, it quickly lost public trust and support base from the majority of the Eritrean diaspora.

Funding to the program dried up following the unexpected death of its main benefactor PM Meles Zenawi in August 2012.

After struggling to sustain for two more years through raising funds from its increasingly dwindling Eritrean support base, it was evident that the satellite radio program can not continue with such uncertain future.

The organizers hope they would make a surprise come back one day in the future. Until then R.I.P.