Reading between the Lines: Obama’s Unfounded “Slavery” accusation on Eritrea (Opinion)

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Obama and U.S. Imperialism
Imperialism in the open: Unjust bullying and More than half a century of unrelenting attempt to enslave a peaceful and great nation – Eritrea.

By Yacob W.,

A few years ago, I used to have unflinching faith on Obama’s honesty and assumed that he would be a man of truth and integrity. As a result I used to have the wishful expectation that Obama would get to the bottom of Eritrea’s matter so that the repeated cyclic of American bullying on Eritrea would come to an end.

I have heard Obama mention the word ‘Eritrea’ only twice in the last four years. On both occasions he only parroted unfounded fabricated statements of his corrupt officials who are commissioned to cause havoc in Africa.

After delivering his careful oration against modern day slavery, hesitantly and as we can see from his body language knowing what he is saying is untrue and unethical. He said:

“I recently renewed sanctions on some of the worst abusers, including North Korea and Eritrea. “

His statement was very vague and was said with his face swaying between left and right avoiding the camera. With his intelligence and knowledge , it is clear that he fully knows what he has said about Eritrea is untrue. As a way of escape, he quickly changed the topic and said:

” We’re partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers. We’re helping other countries step up their own efforts,”

The first question I have to Obama is what evidence he has to accuse Eritrea of being the worst abuser?

It was surprising that he mentioned the unjust sanction which was pushed by Susan Rice who is the expert on bringing the sanction without a real evidence. .

If he is a man of truth who opposes ‘Modern Day Slavery’, then can he provide any evidence why his government has Sanctioned Eritrea?

Can he also explain why his government has endorsed the occupation of Eritrea’s land for over ten years after an International court had decided the disputed land is confirmed to be Eritrean. Doesn’t he think it is a modern day slavery that thousands of children in Eritrea are growing up without their fathers as the fathers are guarding the border on Ethiopia’s side, just because the US had encouraged Ethiopia to continue holding Eritrea’s land, since April 2002.

Does he not realize it is actually Modern Day Slavery for Eritrea to be under sanction even after UN report has fully vindicated Eritrea and that the original allegation that was used as a basis for the sanction was untrue?

Does he not know it is actually a modern day slavery against the whole Eritrean Nation that Eritrea is sanctioned based on reports written by those who are now been sacked by UN from their post because of their unprofessional and corrupt way of compiling and distributing their reports.

As for the accusation from America to identify Eritrea as the worst abuser with human trafficking and modern day slavery, Obama need to re-calibrate his measurement scale.

History is there in black and white confirming America’s abuse against Eritrea for those who wish to scratch beyond the surface. Sadly it is still continuing.

The Eritrean Independence and the struggle started just because, over half a century ago, US and its partners namely UK and UN allowed Eritrea to be annexed by Ethiopia so that their geo-political interests are served. Of course US had turned a blind eye when Eritrea was abused for decades and now the US and it partners are quick to sanction Eritrea based on unfounded reports and allegations.

If one is asked to honestly summarize the US crime against Eritrea it can be stated as:

Unjust bullying and More than half a century of unrelenting attempt to enslave a peaceful and great nation.

The foundation of truth is very strong. Eritrea had broken the thick slavery chain with independence and continue to break any further chain woven to enslave Eritrea beyond the expectation of the wannabe masters.