Rwanda Observes Eritrean Martyr’s Day

"We welcome our Rwandese friends for being with us on this spacial day" - President Isaias
“We welcome our Rwandese friends for being with us on this spacial day” – President Isaias

By TesfaNews,

June 20th was the day the people and government of Rwanda waiting to return back their heartfelt gratitude towards the people and government of Eritrea.

As Eritreans all over the world prepare to honor the weighty tribute of their fallen heroes on Martyrs day, the Rwandan government sends its delegation led by Mr. Joseph Karemera, a member of the Executive Committee of the Rwandan Patriotic Front and Chairman of the country’s Assembly, to participate on the event.

However, this doesn’t happen without a reason.

A couple of months back, on a Sunday evening, the Eritrean government, together with the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) organized its first International Rwandan genocide commemoration day aimed at remembering the victims of the Rwanda Genocide.

The colorful 3 Km “Walk to Remember” event was well organized with the participation of government ministers, ambassadors, UN heads of agencies, and staff, as  well as invited guests from various government institutions and civil society organizations in the country.

The intended message was clear. It was a show solidarity as well as an appreciation for the people and government of Rwanda in their resilience and the efforts they mapped out to recover from the devastating effects of the horrific event.

In the course of his meeting with President Isaias Afwerki, Mr. Joseph delivered a message from Rwandan President Paul Kagame expressing his country’s readiness to work jointly with Eritrea as regards to bilateral, regional and international issues.

Speaking on the commemoration event, President Isaias expressed appreciation for the Eritrean people and the national media outlets for demonstrating the prevailing honor of the martyrs through staging different activities.

The president thanked members of the Rwandan delegation, and through them to the people of Rwanda, for their participation so as to give added color to the historic day celebration.

The ceremony was concluded right after the head of the Rwandan delegation, Mr. Joseph Karemera, laid flower at the Martyrs Cemetery.