Mr. Twgahmo ‘Saleh AA Younis’ gives up Awate

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“It’s time to move on. With this post, I am announcing that I am no longer a member of Awate Team, an agreement reached-upon mutually with my colleagues. What that means is that, going forward, Awate Team and Pencil articles will not reflect my views. The median age of an Eritrean is 18.5. I am, um, significantly older: and the sum total of my experiences barely reflect those of the median Eritrean. I will retain my post at my rarely-updated Alnahda columns and my jousts at awate forum.”

The disgraced Saleh AA Younis, Ali Abdu’s older brother, who used to call Hamid Idris Awate, the founder of the Eritrean independence revolution as “shifta”, finally concedes defeat and say farewell to his Awate clan.

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

This is what Saleh AA Younis put on his latest article, “Eritrea 2015: Feels Like Eritrea 2002”.

As usual he put a bunch of bull-crap about UN Human Development Index (HDI) probably provided by him and his ilk so he can defame Eritrea ignoring the realities on the ground that highlight the progress that the people of Eritrea have made.

He, as usual, with his holier-than-thou, know-it-better-than-you attitude has put a bunch of nonsense. In order to announce his dissociation from the Awyate clan he said,

“What that means is that, going forward, Awate Team and Pencil articles will not reflect my views.”

Dear Mr. Twgahmo, sorry to see you go without seeing your dream “Wegiha”. Awate is your seed and just like your seed the foundation you established will always reflect your views. This is highlighted by your departure as FAILED.

Let me show you how badly you have lost and that you are leaving with your tails behind your legs like a shamed dog.

When you started, your base was Sudan. Guess what? Eritrea swept you with a broom like dirt.

You felt; with lies gotten by deception, that you are the authority on Middle East in Qatar and Saudi Arabia affairs and fed people information that turned out to mean nothing. As you can see the dynamics in the Mid East have changed and Eritrea is central in all. And as you know well will rip the benefits.

You have organized, misinformed, campaigned about, and eventually conceded to use arms against the government of Eritrea, that is the people of Eritrea, in connection with the TPLF junta. When the late Meles Zenawi announced that Ethiopian troops attacked Eritrea in 2011, you were the first to announce it as if you were there. You felt that the regime change agenda your Weyane masters seek was in your best interest and clapped with them like there is no tomorrow.

Well, look at what is happening in “Weyane” land which is another base you are about to be scooped out to never see again.

For me, there are two interesting moments that pop. That is when you dared to list the names of the martyrs and when your colleague Salih Ghadi hovered over the port of Djibouti and pointed at Port Assab and made his condescending remarks.

Your departure from Awate and your removal from the Awyatista’s list is a sign of how badly you are defeated by Eritrean People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). To list some:

All the organizations you set up failed. Meeting, gathering after gathering every where you went to create a semblance of leadership core you failed. Look at what happened in Kenya.

All your speculation about the Middle East turned out to be false. The strength and perseverance of the people of Eritrea and their determination to see Eritrea’s existential challenges defeated is paying BIG TIME. As you can see the leaders of the Gulf States are flocking into Eritrea. What this means is another broom to sweep you from that region. CLEAN.

Eritrea’s economic challenges were not fatal as you wanted it to be. Harmful? Of course, but we are coming out of. Look at the house of your Weyane masters.

Youth flight challenges? What you worked hard to make Eritrea specific is no longer.

Human rights and EU? Country after country has rejected your plea, false plea that is and they are PARTNERING with Eritrea. This means yet another broom.

Scooped out of Sudan.

The Red Sea that you once thought is deserted is now the hub and thanks to PFDJ restored its rightful place in the world as the most strategic location that it is. Why? The strength of the people that wanted to see a bright tomorrow and, persevered.

Your Weyane masters are no longer capable to pose any threat against Eritrea, militarily!

These are some points. I could go on but no point.

To conclude:

Saleh AA Younis, you are leaving because you see failure and have experienced failure all around you for a long time. You have given up. Your challenges kept getting bigger and you see the writing on the wall. That is it. You lost big. “Weighatlka” in failure. Or is it still “Twgahmo”. I think you are right you should focus on;

“Translating “Mi Do Tseba”. A Royal Carribean Cruise with Yosief Gebrehiwet. Streamed. Getting funding for my Ella Ero Liberation Commando Unit. Translating Egyptian play “Shahed Ma Shafs Haga” to English. Starting “Arabic for Ethiopians” Roseta Stone. A Kuenti-based online supplement store. (Supplements are unregulated.) An uber-service for Qat.”

Very fitting farewell.