Saudi Cable Company Enters Eritrea

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Saudi Cable Company enter Eritrea
Advanced copper, aluminium and fiber optic cable products supplier, Saudi Cable Company (SCC), had a meeting with President Isaias to explore business opportunities in the country. (Photo: SCC)

By TesfaNews,

Saudi Cable Company (SCC), a world-class advanced copper, aluminium and fiber optic cable products supplier today disclosed that it has got an invitation from President Isaias Afwerki to explore business development opportunities in the country.

The representatives of Saudi Cable Company and Hidada, sister company under the Xenel Group, had been in Asmara and discussed with the President about business opportunities in Eritrea.

“The visit was a resounding success as President Isaias Afwerki outlined the countries active and future projects in the energy and water sectors,” SCC said in a press release posted on its website.

After being extensively briefed by the President, the delegation were able to learn Eritrea is on the brink of developing great infrastructure projects in the mining, ports, energy and other areas that will enhance the utilities and services offered to the people.

The Jeddah based company finally expressed its pleasure and gladly accepted the invitation offered by the President to work and establish a long term business relationship with the country.

If all goes well, Saudi Cable Company (SCC) could be the trusted supplier of cables of all types, from low to extra-high voltage, for future mining, telecom and energy projects in the country.

Saudi Cable Company
Low and medium-voltage XLPE cables, including armoured and unarmoured designs, single and multi-core options, and a range of sheathing offerings. (Photo: SCC)