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Say NO to Racism in Cycling
Say NO to Racism in Cycling NOW and demand UCI to take punitive action on Branislau Samoilau for racially abusing Eritrean National Champion Natnael Berhane.

By Million G. Michael,

THE racial abuse aimed at Eritrea’s cycling Champion Natnael Berhane at Tour of Austria is unacceptable and it has to be condemned by all in strongest terms possible. The racism that plagued FIFA for years shouldn’t make its way into Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Even though, it is comforting to see the Belarusian rider – Branislau Samoilau – regretting his unacceptable action and his gesture to donate his one month earning toward MTN-Qhubeka charitable activities, his action should alert UCI officials to take a drastic action against the rider to make sure such racist attitude be nipped from the bud in UCI before it start rearing its ugly head like that of FIFA.

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Eritrean riders being the trailblazers in European cycling scenes, the incident in Austria will not be the last one and unfortunately they will continue to get abused unless we all voiced our protest to UCI to put a stop to racism before it is too late!! Our concerted effort to compel UCI take appropriate action now, will pave the way in creating a conducive environment for future African riders in Europe and elsewhere!!

Please write to UCI to ban the Belarusian rider at least for a year and also start #NoToRacism campaign in all its events.

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