Security Council to Meet on Eritrea’s Request, Is Badme in the Eye of the Beholder?

Is Uganda becoming Eritrea's sworn enemy?

By Matthew Russell Lee (Inner City Press),

On Eritrea’s request, the UN Security Council will meet on July 19. But the meeting is now turned against Eritrea, with not only Ethiopia and Somalia but also Djibouti, Uganda and other set to attend.

Eritrea is going to get its [behind] kicked,” a Security Council member told Inner City Press on Monday night. “They’re not going to know what hit them.”

When Eritrea’s president met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on July 8, he asked for “three hours” to make his case, including against sanctions. But sanctions aren’t set by Ban Ki-moon, but rather by the Council.

Just like last September, when Eritrea got thrown out of a meeting on Somalia at the last minute at the insistence of Uganda, now it will be barrage on Tuesday afternoon.

But as more than one Council member told Inner City Press, why not pressure Ethiopia to give back the strip of land in Badme that Eritrea won? “They’d have no leg to stand on,” as one member put it. “Meles Zenawi is ready to give it back, but he doesn’t want Eritrea gloating about it.”

  This from a person who called Eritrea repressive, accusing it of not giving passports to any male between 20 and 40 years old.

  Will the solution to this problem have to await the next generation of leaders? (Source)