Seeking the Truth Amidst the Clouds of Disinformation

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Eritrea do not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. But in the eyes of the Powers that be, it's independent economic, political and international policies are taken as dangerous as a conventional WMD. But Why?
Eritrea do not have Weapons of Mass Destruction. But in the eyes of today’s Powers, it’s independent economic, political and international policies are taken as dangerous as a conventional WMD. But Why?

By Hillal,

We are living in an information age. Information is power and should be pursued diligently. But, with the Think Tanks and the media becoming serial liars getting the truth amidst the clouds of dis/misinformation is easier said than done.

Eritreans had to endure the brutality and humiliation of the Turkish, Egyptian, Italian, British and Ethiopian colonialism for more than a century. Throughout this painful period in our history, we have had to fight against all odds and overcome insurmountable challenges. We never kneel down and never waited, asked or begged others to fight our fights for us. 

No body came to our defense or gave us a helping hand. Like a luck of a draw we had to fight against the western and eastern camps of the Cold War. It seemed as if the entire world was directly or indirectly helping the Ethiopian war effort. All the so called regional and international organizations’ charters were not worth the papers they were written on.

All the NGOs and other humanitarian organizations and democracy advocates were never to be found. Eritreans were destined to be the sacrificial lambs for the unjust, immoral, erroneous, militaristic and adventurous strategic global interests of the powers that be. Every conceivable military, political, economic, social and cultural warfare were unleashed against us to extinguish the Eritrean dream.

Like in the armed struggle for independence, today the political conspiracies woven to isolate us, economic blockades erected to weaken us, wars of aggression conducted to destroy and annihilate us and PSYOPS launched to frighten, scare and sow discord, disunity and discourse among us are mind boggling. The pin on Eritrea US/Susan Rice crusade is continuing unabated and with no let up.

The never ending lies and deceit and the mis/disinformation campaigns to defame, discredit, demonize, vilify and malign Eritrea, its people and leadership is a career of choice of some third rate affirmative action diplomats at the State Department. Their satellite NGOs are on the frontlines implementing their diabolic evil agendas.

We don’t have WMDs in Eritrea. We abhor terrorism and fought against it when fighting terrorism was not fancy. We don’t want to destabilize nations and never engaged in human trafficking. Extremism of any kind isn’t part of the Eritrean political culture. These are all anatemas in the Eritrean nation of reason and sanity.

On the contrary, when it comes to Eritrean affairs today, human traffickers are labelled as human right advocates. Wet pants, turn coats, sellouts, hooligans and garden variety criminals as democracy advocates and self reliance and our can do spirit as isolationist. Our dedication, commitment, national service and love of country as slavery and upholding the public trust, leading by example and having incorruptible personality as a dictatorship.

Amazingly, the Eritrean traitors, enemies and detractors who are in the habit of finishing their midnight oils conspiring to strangulate, suffocate and kill Eritrea are its human right and democracy advocates. A classic case of hypocrisy at its zenith and a clear example of the fact that trusting the foxes in sheep clothing is tantamount to committing political suicide.

The anti-Eritrea cottage industry which most of them are a one person pseudo businesses are mushrooming. It’s a growth industry dominated by some swindlers who have none of the Eritrea’s best interest at heart except fattening their pockets at the cost of the misery, pain and suffering of Eritreans. These multi-million dollar conglomerate is a playground of some unsavory characters with questionable motives and agendas.

The values, beliefs and principles that made the armed struggle for independence a success is applied now in the building of the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyrs sacrifices. Democratic governance and social justice are the foundations of our struggle. Unity in diversity, self reliance, gender equality and criticism and self criticism are pillars of our nation building endeavours.

An independent economic and political and international policies based on mutual respect, trust and partnership, respect for national integrity, sovereignty and boundaries, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and integration on all the economic, political, security, social and cultural developments and creating a safe neighbourhood is what Eritrea strives for.

These lofty ideals are our WMDs and are giving the powers that be sleepless nights. Eritrea is the antithesis to the American hegemonic drive and domination. Eritrea’s quest for survival is a just cause which is part and parcel of the struggle for the liberty, freedom, justice, fairness, equality and human dignity of all the masses that are yearning to be free.

Eritrea is leading the way. The struggle to save humanity from the Neocon excesses is now before it’s too late. We are in a new Cold War – a war between the subjugation and domination of the uni-polar world or a multi-polar world where opposing voices are heard and given a fair chance and consideration. I hope this time around Africa isn’t going be the battleground. Africa is still licking its Cold War wounds.

Finally, no one, I mean no one, has the right or moral standing to teach or lecture the Eritrean people about the virtues of freedom, democracy, justice, rule of law and human dignity. For, they had paid and are still paying dearly for wanting to be free and masters of their own destiny.

These time tested and proven formulas are the tools we need to build the Eritrea of the future and not the nauseating lectures coming from the disingenuous and corrupt powers that are in the habit of corrupting, intimidating, abusing, molesting, raping, exploiting and destroying nations.