Barentu – Shambiko Highway Expansion Underway

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The Barentu – Shambiko segment of the strategic Barentu-Mendefera main road is undergoing renovation and expansion.

As part of the strategic Mendefera-Barentu Highway route, the new Shambiko – Barentu road is being constructed.

Indicating that the Shambiko – Barentu road has been difficult for transportation, Mr. Teame Ande, coordinator of the road construction project, said that the road work is being carried out with the cooperation of Bidho General Construction Company and the Adi-Halo Project.

Mr. Teame further said that so far the road from Bushuka to Barentu is being constructed by replacing the former road by another new 20m wide and 10 km long expanded and upgraded modern highway.

One of the road construction engineers deployed in the area, Eng. Estifanos Tesfagabir on his part indicated that the construction work includes repairing and expanding of a network of roads and constructing a new highway which is part of the strategic Mendefera – Barentu Highway.

Eng. Estifanos went on to say that a number of modern machinery and skilled human power deployed at the road work is contributing to the effectiveness of the task and expressed conviction that the construction of the Barentu – Shambiko Highway will be completed in the near future. (SHABAIT)