Rapporteur : Rights Abuses Spur Eritreans to Flee


UN rapporteur Keetharuth said she hasn’t considered sanctions on Eritrea “only” 1 year on the job when asked by Inner City Press why her report doesn’t mention impact of sanctions on the Eritrean people. 

An Amnesty employee parroting unsubstantiated allegations unwilling to search for truth
UN rapporteur Keetharuth of Amnesty International feigns concern for Lampedusa migrant drownings whilst encouraging illegal flight of Eritrea’s youth

By AP,

A U.N. investigator on human rights in Eritrea says “alarming” abuses in the east African nation are spurring between 2,000 and 3,000 people to flee the country every month, despite a “shoot-to-kill policy” targeting those attempting to leave.

Sheila Keetharuth told the General Assembly’s human rights committee on Thursday that the U.N. refugee agency was concerned about 305,723 Eritreans who have fled over the past decade.

“The most serious human rights violations are being committed” in Eritrea, Keetharuth said, including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, extended incommunicado detention, torture, indefinite national service, and lack of freedom of expression, assembly, religious belief and movement. 

Eritrea’s U.N. Ambassador Arya Desta rejected the special rapporteur’s report, saying human rights issues are being used “as a tool of political pressure.”
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