Slave Labour in Eritrea – The Untold Story

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The gigantic Gerset Dam was one of the marvels made by the sweat of the Golden Eritrean Youth
The gigantic Gerset Dam made by the sweat of the Golden Eritrean Youth

By Hillal,

ERITREA is leading the way. Eritrea is showing Africa a new way of doing business. Mutual partnerships and mutual respect are the new ways of doing business in Eritrea. The old master-slave arrangement is history now. 

Eritrea is a threat to the trillion dollar NGO industry. She is accused of being a bad example of good behavior. The lord of poverty NGOs and multinational financiers and the corrupt western world are having nightmares and sleepless nights thanks to the Eritrean values, principles and beliefs – proven values that made the protracted armed struggle a success and now used to build the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyrs sacrifices.


The Lords of poverty and some self-serving NGOs are bothered by Eritrea’s self-reliant attitude and policy. By pretending to care more about the well-being of our Eritrean brothers and sisters, they takes swipes at our national construction companies, undermining their capacity and minimizing their role in the construction of one of the best mines in Sub-Saharan Africa. They shamelessly use a derogatory and demeaning term such as “Slaves” to label the thousands of Eritrean youth working at the mine and elsewhere to rebuild their war torn economy. Failed to stop the momentum at the Bisha mine, these losers and their handlers are now back to try their luck at our Potash project with the same old and tired “Slave” mantra. Why? Because they cannot fathom that an African nation can produce such quality work and do it by utilizing its own human and material resources. Because Eritrea is the threat of a good example