Social Democratic Party Candidate Arhe Hamednaca Should be Brought Under Scrutiny

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Arhe Hamednaca (S) is a sexual offender, a forger and an out right liar.
Arhe Hamednaca (S) is a sexual offender, a forger and an out right liar. He single handedly abused and compromised Dawit Isaak’s chances of freedom by hijacking the case to capitalize his political ambition within the Social Democratic Party and to avenge his 1980s political agenda against the current Eritrean government. He is totally an embarrassment to his party in general and to the Swedish people in particular.

By Activists for Democracy,

Arhe Hamednaca is an Eritrea born Swedish parliamentarian who belongs to the Social Democratic party (S) since 2010 and he is listed as the fifth name on the Candidate list in Stockholm for the coming general election.

Arhe have been elected and had worked with youth activities at Fryshuset and acts as a spokesperson for issues related to minority integration and women’s equality and domestic abuse issues. He is a face of diversity in the Social Domecratic party. 

However, there is troubling issues about Arhe Hamednaca which should be clear to the Swedish electorate and he should be scrutinized like any other politician; and his serious offense should not be forsaken to ensure diversity with in the party.

1./ In 2002, Arhe Hamednaca has been accused of sexual harassment to his female colleague. Subsequently, he has been fired by his previous employer SL Globen. Proof: PDF File-Swedish | PDF file in English

2./ Arhe Hamednaca has been reported to the police for falsifying audit reports for the Eritrean National Association. In May 2003 Arhe falsified a document by signing on the association’s document that he did not have an authority to sign in the first place there by receiving a government refund to the ammount of 331 488 Kr that he later swindled for his private use.

The case and investigation was closed under questionable circumstances and mainly due to the lack of cooperation and submission of crucial document from the funding authority to the police.

See associated document below that he scribble with his signature.

3./ Arhe Hamednaca concealed his crimes by refusing to show some necessary documentation to the election committee within the Social Democratic Party. However, few from the inner circles of the committee who have knowledge of the crime have chosen to remain silent about this gross insubordination in an attempt to save the party from some kind of embarrassment.

The Swedish citizens should uphold the same level of scrutiny and transparency from the Social Democratic party on the case of Arhe Hamednaca like any other nominee that aspires to higher offices.

Unless otherwise Arhe Hamednaca is a special case and an exception, of course.

It is up to you to interpret how democracy works.

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