Outrage as Somalia Transfers Citizen to Ethiopia

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Ethiopia thanked Commander of Somalia Intelligence Agency, but not the President and PM

Who has the ultimate authority over Mogadishu? Definitely it is President Farmaajo and PM Khayre. But who wields the ultimate power over Somalia? The Commander of Somalia National Intelligence Agency (NISA) and Ethiopia.


There is outrage in Somalia following the reported transfer of a citizen to neighbouring Ethiopia. The detention and subsequent transfer of Mr. Abdikarin Sheikh Muse of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has been labeled as a breach of national and international laws.

Reports of his transfer to Ethiopia started early this week but was confirmed by ONLF in a statement issued on Thursday. The statement directly accused Somali President Mohammed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo,’ of complicity in the said transfer.

It also listed as accomplices, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, National Security Advisor Gen. Bshir Mohamed Jamac-Goobe and head of the state intelligence agency Abdullahi Mohamed Ali.

Whiles accusing Mogadishu of breaching national and international laws, the ONLF averred that “the Somali government has forcefully transferred a political refugee to Ethiopia which is known to torture and humiliate its opponents.

“It has been intimated that Mr. Abdikarin was sacrificed in order ti get political support from the Ethiopian regime. The Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia who is a close relative of the Prime Minister and in-law to the Somali president played a key role in brokering the deal,” the statement said.

ONLF describes itself as “a national liberation organisation that struggles for the rights of the Somali people in Ogaden and has no involvement whatsoever in Somalia’s multifaceted conflict at all.”

The Ogaden region was disputed area between the two countries. A war over the region in 1977 was won by Ethiopia with support from Cuba. Ex-President Fidel Castro okayed the deployment of 1000s of soldiers under the leadership of one General Arnaldo Ochoa to help Ethiopia in a war against neighboring Somalia.

The troops went to support the regime under Mengistu Haile Mariam to take control of the Ogaden region. Somalia at the time, albeit allies of Ethiopia believed they were winning the war but forcefully surrendered the Ogaden plateau to the 17,000 Cuban soldiers.


For those who catch up the news from the tail, this is how, at least, it all started. When regional security of the Galkacyo, Galmudug regional state in central Somalia detained, on August 23, 2017, Mr Abdikarin Sheikh Muse, an Executive committee member of ONLF, who has been residing in Mogadishu for the last three years, in an operation to extradite him to Ethiopia, the Somali Intelligence agency (NISA) reportedly intervened and thwart the illegal operation.

However, the intervention angered Somali’s defacto ruler, also known as butcher of Somalia, Ethiopia’s General Gabre. He explicitly sent a thin instruction to the both President Farmaajo and the PM Khayre via twitter, to keep their hand off of the operation.

The President and PM, who came to power promising an end to Ethiopia’s dominance over Somalia’s internal affairs, started shaking in their boots.

While these two Mogadishu leaders squabble on how to respond to Gen. Gabre’s threat, the commander of the Somalia National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) obeyed with “the order” and authorizes the extradition of Mr. Abdikarin Sheikh Muse, “disregarding” his two other ‘useless’ bosses that are occupying Villa Somalia.

The butcher of Somalia took to twitter to thank the commander of NISA for taking his orders seriously but “no thanks” to President Farmaajo and PM Khaire.

That simple lack of leadership and authority over Somalia enrages Somalis across the globe. As if that is not enough, butcher Gen. Gabre gave additional order to the two popular but inactive Somalia leaders: “to collect their acts and classify ONLF and OLF as a terrorist organizations ASAP”.

This simple incident uncovers a lot more about President Farmaajo and his PM’s power reach over Somalia. Somalis took to Social media to express their utmost anger and frustration over their government.