South Sudan Turns Its Face to Eritrea

 Meeting between President Afwerki of Eritrea and S. Sudan Chief negotiator
STEALING THE SHOW. A Meeting between President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea and S. Sudan’s Chief government negotiator, Nhial Deng Nhial in Asmara

By Sudan Tribune,

A South Sudanese delegation led by the government chief negotiator, Nhial Deng Nhial met with and delivered a special message from President Salva Kiir to President Isaias Afwerki in Asmara.

The South Sudanese leader in his message reportedly assured his continued support to the Eritrean government and its people.

President Isaias Afwerki on his part warned South Sudanese leaders to be cautious of foreign interventions in their ongoing conflict, claiming that some unnamed countries had direct interests in the world’s youngest nation. 

“That is what bringing this confusion and the prolonging of the resolution of the conflict. You must be careful and do what is right to the people of South Sudan and this is now the time to do it. Do not wait for others to tell you what to do because even if you do what they told you, it will not be a South Sudanese owned solution,” Afwerki reportedly said during the meeting in the capital, Asmara.

He also adds that what South Sudan experiencing was externally influenced and not an internal matter.

Meanwhile, South Sudan’s ambassador to Eritrea, Paul Makuei was credited for improving relations between Eritrea and the young nation.

An aide who accompanied the South Sudanese envoy to Eritrea told Sudan Tribune that the chief negotiator travelled to Asmara on instruction of President Kiir to deliver a special message of re-assuring South Sudan’s support to the Eritrean people and government.

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South Sudanese leader, according to the source, also applauded the role the Eritrean government and its people played during the course of liberation struggle from neigbouring Sudan, expressing hope to continue with the same spirit of cooperation and support.

Makuei describe the visit of the lead negotiator as very important step towards strengthening relations between the two countries in the region.

“Eritrea is a very important country to us as South Sudanese and as government, considering the support we have had from the government and people of Eritrea during the struggle. It is one of the countries whose relations are rooted on the historical ties and one of the countries we consult on important matters. Because of these historical relations, we believe Eritrea can play a role in the search for peace in our country because we are looking for an African solution to this current conflict”, said Makuei.

Paul Makuei also acknowledged that President Afwerki was concerned about the negative role being played by some foreign countries at which he believed were fueling the conflict.

“A real friend can always tell you the truth. This is what the Eritrean President has done. He is not just a president of one the countries in the region to which we belong but someone who has played an important role in our liberation struggle. So he knows who our real friends are and who are those working to see us fail, which I don’t think will happen. They will never succeed because our friends and brothers like President Afwerki will always stand with us and give support whenever necessary”, said Ambassador Makuei.

Makuei finally disclosed that President Afwerki has extended an invitation to his South Sudan counterpart to visit Eritrea, adding that arrangements have already being made for the trip to take place.

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